Minimal Jewelry is the New Normal for Modern Indian Brides and Here is Why

Minimal Bridal Jewelry for Indian Brides

"Gone are the days when heavily studded jewelry was a big yes. Brides these days are more willing to invest in something more minimal and elegant when it comes to their jewelry choices for the wedding day. Here are some stunningly beautiful minimal bridal jewelry ideas to take inspiration from along with a few tips on how to rock the trend like a pro."

To ace, the combined weight of heavy bridal lehenga and equally heavy jewelry with the quintessential amount of panache and swag can prove out to be a bit overwhelming for the brides.

While brides cannot always opt for minimal lehengas as the attire needs a specific amount of heavy embroidery work on it, brides can always opt for minimal jewelry. If their styling mantra is simple, elegant, chic, and unfussy, some affordable minimalist jewelry can work wonders for them. From ditching heavy and elaborate jewelry pieces to flaunting dainty and light jewelry, minimalist brides are all about boasting effortless looks in sheer comfort with their minimal jewelry designs

minimalist indian bridal look


Here are few minimal bridal jewelry pieces from our exclusive jewelry collection, which perfectly highlights the grace of the bride and makes her look stunning on her special day:

Minimal Jewelry Earrings: Setting the trend up

Earrings are a prominent piece of bridal jewelry and if styled properly they can go a long way in accentuating the bride’s features. The minimalist bride can go for sleek, simple, and more redefined minimal jewelry earrings that blend well with their entire bridal look and highlight their beauty. The right pair of earrings emphasize the neckline of the bride and help in framing her face. 

Pari Dainty Bridal Jewelry Earrings


Pari Dainty Bridal Jewelry Earrings


Keep it simple, modern and classy with this pair of enamel and stone pair of earrings which are just meant to accentuate your look on the special day. Pair them with a matching green necklace to complete the look. 

Minimalist Multicolored Bridal Earrings

Multicolored bridal earrings


This pair of silver and gold plated earrings has a multicolored design accented with moon drops which would garnish your minimal bridal look like nothing can. Pair with a multicolored choker to look like the princess you are. 

Nira Modern Minimal Bridal Earrings

Gunmetal semi-circle Earrings


Carved out of a gunmetal-tone base, these uniquely designed earrings have clear and sparkly rhinestones to match your bridal royalty. Graced with some lovely CZ stones, this pair is all you need to get the perfect modern bridal look. Match with a grey pearl necklace to complete the style. 

Amaris Blue Stud Contemporary Bridal Earrings

blue studs


The Amaris stud Earrings from B Anu Designs are a heavenly combination of Kundan and Topaz stone. What renders a divine delicacy to these little pieces of beauty is the delicate pearl edging. The versatile design of these earrings makes them perfect for minimal brides and allows them to go well with both, a blue bridal lehenga or a blue reception gown

Indian Bridal Chokers: The Perfect Handmade Minimalist Jewelry Sets

Chokers are already setting minimal jewelry trends in the wedding fashion industry and for all the good reasons. Chokers are minimal, chokers are elegant, chokers are sleek, and above all chokers highlight your face. Brides can go all out there looking magnificent in their minimal wedding jewelry if they choose the right choker matching their lehenga. 

traditional red bridal lengha

Chokers are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, from simple and sleek ones to glitzy Maharani style chokers. Minimal brides of today are ditching heavy necklaces for dainty chokers for chokers allow them to flaunt their neckline and further accentuate their entire bridal look. Meenakari, Kundan, temple style, or diamonds, brides can choose any style of chokers according to their tastes and their wedding outfit. Here are some handcrafted dainty choker necklaces which flaunt stunning looks and creative minimal jewelry design.

Sitara Choker Flower Necklace Kundan Set

minimalist choker set

The exquisite Sitara choker exhibits supreme grace and charm. Flaunting intricate craftsmanship and timeless grace, this Kundan choker perfectly sets the festive tone for wedding celebrations and allows the bride to make all heads turn. The choker features deep pink and green stone pearls and intricate Kundan work. The lab-created ruby and emerald render a regal touch to the choker necklace with a matching pair of equally flattering earrings.

Crown Polki Jadau Choker 

minimalist indian bridal choker

This quintessential minimal choker necklace is handcrafted in a brass alloy with imitation ruby, kundan, and pearls. The set showcases a supreme quality meenakari work on it and is classy at its best. Also, this
handmade minimalist jewelry flaunts a distinctive glamour for the advantage of the wearer.

Empress Kundan Jadau Bridal Set

This stunning Kundan set is heavily studded with all-white Kundan stones. What makes this Indian choker ideal for every festivity and celebration is its minimalistic design. The sleek and glossy design of this choker highlights your prominent neckline and accentuates your entire look. This choker is perfect for brides who wish to keep their wedding a minimal affair. Brides can choose to pair this magnificent choker with their wedding buffet outfit.  

Reeya CZ Set 

Pink choker set

Wish to add dazzles to your wedding outfit yet keep it minimal? Then Reeya CZ set from
B Anu designs is a perfect neckpiece for you. This stunning choker flaunts a dazzling design of multiple shapes of crystals. The choker is crafted with modern techniques which renders it a brilliant shimmer and the glimmering crystals further add on to the glamour of the choker. Brides can pair this magnificent choker set with their cocktail party outfit. 


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A minimalist Matha Patti for the Contemporary Bride

To complement your sleek choker, add a dainty matha patti to your minimal bridal look. Ornamental headgears these days are gaining a popular prominence in the ethnic fashion industry for they enhance the overall look of their wearer and highlight their facial features and hairstyle. 

Ivory Silk Mughal Garden Bridal Lehenga  - Ashini

Matha pattis, maang tikkas and passas, all are receiving attention in the ethnic fashion market these days and are considered splendid minimal style jewelry pieces. When it comes to matha pattis, they are available with a rich variety of styles and designs. Borla, Chaand Tika, elaborate or even tassel, brides can go for any kind of matha pattis as all look equally stunning. 

chand tikka mathapatti

This particular Chand Tikka matha patti is from B Anu Designs. The Matha Patti features pearl drops and flaunts exquisite Polki work over it. The minimalist appearance of the jewelry makes it a glamorous piece for every wedding function. Brides can style this Matha Patti with their Sangeet and Mehendi celebrations outfit and pose a breezy swag for onlookers. 

minimalist matha patti on modern bride

Some dainty single string matha patti like this with a single pearl drop is enough to do the talking when you are going all the way minimalist with suitable makeup

Dainty Maang Tikka Sets to set you apart

This delicate piece of ornamental headgear helps the bride make a minimal style statement. The popularity of Maang Tikkas is not limited to India as the jewelry is gaining popular attention throughout the world. Famous western celebs like Britney Spears, Shakira, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian were spotted sporting the minimal Maang Tikkas on several occasions and from there the headgear picked up on its popularity on a global scale. 

Kim Kardashian in mang tikka

In India, Maang Tikkas are particularly celebrated as necessary Indian bridal jewelry. The most basic Maang Tikka consists of a hook at one end and a pendant on the other. Brides can effortlessly sport a minimal Maang Tikka at their wedding while allowing the compliments to arrive their way throughout the function.


Maang Tikka With Pearl Drops

This particular
silver gold plated floral Maang Tikka is from B Anu designs. This Maang tikka exhibits stunning pearl drops and exquisite handwork on it. The sleek and glossy appearance of the piece allows it to make a style statement for the wearer and if styled properly, this Maang Tikka is made sure you feel like the style-star of your D-day like you should. 

This Maang Tikka from B Anu designs is plated in silver and gold. The sleek and elegant design of this Kundan Maang Tikka makes it a total stunner. What adds a heavenly charm to this Maang Tikka is the magnificent pearl drop at the end. Having a contemporary edge to it, this Maang Tikka is perfect for all pre-wedding and post-wedding functions. It further adds a quintessential amount of splendor and glitz to the entire outfit of the bride and upgrades the style game of the wearer. 

You are never going wrong with a  shimmery pair of the right gold minimal jewelry. This elegant gold plated Maang Tikka is all kinds of glamour. This ornamental headgear features an ornate pearl and Kundan work. This minimalist piece of maang tikka is a perfect bridal piece of Jewelry for millennial brides who wish to keep their wedding fashion statement subtle yet regal. 

An Elaborately Minimal Passa to add splendor to the minimal bridal look

Passa is basically a Mughal-inspired jhoomar which is worn at the left side of the head and often comes with asymmetrical patterns. Minimalist brides can ditch heavy Matha Pattis for opulent and glamorous Passa. Passa was initially restricted to Muslim brides but these days all brides are exploring with their jewelry choices and are falling at Passa as a perfect ornamental headgear for their wedding outfit.

Manpreet Toor Passa Jewelry

Also, Passa works wonders in highlighting the hairstyle and enhancing the facial features of the wearer. While Passa can be worn solely at the side of the head, brides at times also choose to pair their Passa with equally glamorous Maang Tikka. Worn either way, passa fulfills the task of adding drama and elegance to the wedding outfit of the bride. 

Silver Gold Plated Passa With Kundan Work & White Pearls

This silver-plated passa from B Anu designs features exquisite Kundan work and white pearls. This elegant passa has got a timeless charm to it and allows the wearer to flaunt some retro vibes. The white pearls in the Passa give its design a contemporary edge. When styled with panache this Passa can rev up the fashion quotient of the brides. 


green kundan bridal passa


This B Anu Designs silver gold plated Kundan Passa is described as splendid at best. Featuring pearl beads, this Passa is everything majestic, feminine, and grandeur. Escaping all the heavy work of the traditional Passa, this Passa flaunts a sleek and graceful design for the benefit of minimalistic brides. 

red and green passa

This red and green Umrao Passa from B Anu Designs looks appealing from all angles. Featuring the bright hues of red and green, this glitzy Passa is gracefully abiding by the hot trend of colorful wedding jewelry. Moving beyond the spectrum of gold and silver jewelry, the Umrao Passa allows the bride to adorn themselves with bold and statement colors.

To further add on to its gloss, this Passa also exhibits pearl cluster drops. With all its extensive features, this Passa is a perfect choice for the brides who wish to add vibrance and breeze to their bridal appearance and move beyond the realm of traditional jewelry. 

Silver Gold Plated Green Jadau Kundan Passa

This B Anu Designs silver-plated Jadau Passa has got refined opulence to it. Featuring Kundan and green stones, this Passa is a versatile head-piece and is just perfect for every minimal bridal jewelry collection. Without getting too flashy and offbeat, this elegant Passa renders a traditional charm to the bride and complements her hairstyle and wedding outfit. 

Minimalistic Bridal Nath: The Perfect Touch of Elegance

When talking about Indian bridal jewelry, how can we forget about the ever so gorgeous nose rings? Bridal naths with a minimalistic look are a very trendy choice as we have already seen through the wedding looks of various Bollywood actresses

Here are a few picks from B Anu Designs minimalist jewelry collection that might add on to your bridal trousseau well. 

Sara Nose Ring

This simple nose ring with a beaded string in Swarovski crystal stone and Polki mini pearls is the best a modern bride could come up with. With a statement string and simple ring, the nose ring features exquisite beauty and can add on to the valor of any bride who chooses this piece of elegance. 

Lana Nose Ring

minimalist bridal nose ring

To keep the affair simple and classy, the Lana nose ring is handcrafted without a string and the only decorative capability it acquires is the pretty crystal stones flower that accents it for the best look possible. 

Ambreen Nose Ring

Minimalist bridal nose ring

With a pearl accented gold-plated string and a ring adorned with pink ruby stone drop and tiny white crystal flower, the Ambreen nose ring leaves no stones unturned in the elaborate work that has been done on it while keeping things as minimalistic as possible. Pair it with the right mang tikka and a choker necklace to bring out the magic it stores. 


Minimal Bridal Look Styling Tips:

1. When it comes to acing the minimal jewelry trend, Indian brides have to keep in notice that less is more. While layering their neck jewelry, minimalist brides should keep it to a maximum of two necklaces, or things will get messy and shift the entire focus from wedding outfit and bridal looks to neckline only. The trendy duo of the choker and long necklace goes perfectly with the minimalist brides. While this combo is rich in style, it blesses the bride with simple and organized looks.   

pastel pink and gold bridal lengha
2. Try to sport a combination of your favorite jewelry pieces that get along well while dropping a few. For instance, for headgears, don’t overburden yourself with a passa and maang tikka at the same time. Instead, choose just one and pair it with a complementing necklace or earrings. Some brides can drop either the necklace or the nath to get this look.

velvet maroon indian bridal lengha


3. In avoiding the OTT look through your minimalistic bridal choice, don’t get too simple that you don’t even differentiate from others on your D-day. You are the special one. It’s going to be your day so don’t be afraid to feel the same. Thus even if you choose to go with some minimal jewelry, your outfit should clearly make the statement that you are the bride. You can go for some modern minimal bridal lehengas to maintain the balance. 


mint and green modern bridal lehenga
4. Nude or minimal makeup is also a very important part of your minimalistic bridal appearance, thus making sure you get it done right to further accentuate the beauty of your dainty bridal jewelry. 


pink modern bridal reception lengha


        So which jewelry are you going to wear this wedding season? Conventional heavy or contemporary minimal? Tell us in the comments below! 

        Already have your dream jewelry or outfit in mind? Don't forget that we can customize them right here.  


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