Ethnic Fashion Trends

  • Indian Ethnic Fashion Guide for Petite Women - Do's & Don'ts

    "We all come in different shapes and sizes and are perfect the way we are. But lets admit to the fact that short girls are super adorable and full of life. Petite women at times wish to look a little taller but find it difficult to pick the right elemens. Most of the Indian women are petite so l... View Post
  • How can Fashion help in Improving Mental Health?

    Mental health issues can be a downpour of emotions, resulting in a threat to one's stability. But we need to constantly remind ourselves that there's always sunshine after a storm. It is a sole duty as citizens to help those in need & fashion can be of tremendous help!  In today’s society, ... View Post
  • Bridal Mehendi Outfits and Jewelry Ideas this 2021

    The joy of weddings in the Indian culture does not just revolve around the bride and groom. The vows of love that pull through with every family and friend's emotions threaded together. Along comes the joy, rituals, and deep cultural values in the abundance of celebration.  We all know how Indi... View Post
  • Ethical Fashion Sustainability - Empower Artisans & Local Businesses During The Pandemic

    Today, we find ourselves reminiscing the hazy memories of our once lived convenient and privileged lifestyle. It’s safe to say that the pandemic has been a living nightmare for humankind. With the increasing rate of unemployment and incurred losses, it has taken a major toll on small-scale fashion businesses and local artisans. How does the ethnic fashion industry which is generally abundant in the form of small-scale businesses ensure the protection of environment at such times?
    Find out now! View Post
  • Your Virtual Guide to the Ultimate Haldi Bridal Look this Wedding Season!

    The day of the Haldi ceremony calls for the color of joy and sheer happiness, the shade of vibrant yellow. In the Indian culture, pre-wedding events are just as important as the wedding itself. With petal showered on the bride & the groom, it is an absolutely blissful occasion. View Post
  • How To Dress Up According To Your Body Type?

    In today's world, beauty is about self-acceptance and being comfortable in your own skin. We all as humans come in different shapes and sizes and that's what makes each individual special and unique in their own way. So let's find some ethnic wear that is created especally for your body type!

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  • Fight Anti-Asian Hate Crimes & Racism this 2021 by Embracing the Beauty of Indian Fashion

    The pandemic acted as the tide that washed away all the thinga wrong with the system, people and the governments. One of them was the ever-existing embedded hate and stereotypes against the people of color. Along with the various ways of fighting racism, we can't underestimate the power of fashion here which has acted as an adamant force to call out such issues.  View Post
  • 8+ Festive Trendsetters for Ramzan 2021!

    Stay relevant this Ramzan by dressing up in some of the latest and most elegant designer ethnic wear. This includes sarees, suits, anarkalis, lehengas, shawls, kaftans - All perfect for the holy month! View Post

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