Store Located in San Francisco, Bay Area (USA)

Founded by Anu Batra
B Anu Designs strives to create designs that are modern with a hint of historical tradition. Endless hours of refined craftsmanship have produced a collection of elegant and distinguished style. Our impeccable offering is the entire styling experience from Garment Creations to Jewelry Design.

Effortless design, authenticity and femininity are the hallmark of B Anu Designs philosophy. These values shine through exquisite tailoring with made-to-last quality, use of the finest materials and responsible production.

B Anu Designs aspires to be the best contemporary fashion brand with an outstanding price-value proposition. B Anu Designs pays specific attention to fabric selection, fitting and comfort without compromising quality. Take a look into B Anu Designs, and prepare to be mesmerized by a style like no other!

Our Process