Where the love of fashion intertwines with the intricacies of eastern magic. Anu, born in Delhi, India has a natural instinct that defines feminine empowerment. Batra is a strong woman who works hard and chases what she believes in. This has been the key to her success.

She launched B Anu Designs to fulfill her dream of designing contemporary elegant women’s clothing in San Francisco, Bay Area, California, US. Anu aspires to create a fashion forward brand for Ethnic and Fusion Indian Bridal and Party Wear, and also wants to share an empowering message. After a long and successful corporate career, Anu decided that she really wants to pursue her love and passion for fashion design and set an example for her two teenage daughters, that you can pursue your passion at any age.

"I want my daughters to know that anything is possible at any age. If you believe in your dream, then bring it to life"

Her strong desire to provide a personal touch is evident in her designs that have adorned many women. Her artistic eye, and her abiding love of fashion help her analyze and solve image and fashion challenges with creativity and understanding. 

Anu launched her B Anu Designs line and a sensational wave hit Anu, when the stunning Manpreet Toor took a glimpse into her world at a private trunk show in the Bay area and decided to be the ambassador for B Anu Designs. Anu opened her first store in end of Sept 2020.