Your Virtual Guide to the Ultimate Haldi Bridal Look this Wedding Season!

Your Virtual Guide to the Ultimate Haldi Bridal Look this Wedding Season!

The day of the Haldi ceremony calls for the color of joy and sheer happiness, the shade of vibrant yellow. In the Indian culture, pre-wedding events are just as important as the wedding itself. With petal showered on the bride & the groom, it is an absolutely blissful occasion.

Indian weddings are a grand affair, no denying that. It’s rarely an event held for a day or two. Instead, the big fat Indian weddings can go on for as long as a week. Moreover, the festivities last for nearly a month with all the dear ones coming along to celebrating this bridal affair.

Amidst these festivities & celebrations, decision-making scenarios for the bride are almost inevitable. Starting from wedding ceremonies like mehndi, sangeet, haldi and right up till the special day, the list is endless.

Haldi ceremony fashion guide

Source: Book Events

The hustle of a desi bride to curate & pick the best options for each event begins way before that of the actual wedding day. With the right fuss-free outfit for the Mehendi function, the perfect haldi outfit, and the best suitable jewelry for the Pithi ceremony, a bride-to-be has a long list of to-dos.To make things easy for all you busy brides out there, here’s a quick & easy guide to achieve that beaming haldi bridal look.

What is Haldi Ceremony?

Desi Indian weddings have plenty of small pre-bridal occasions that are celebrated in full swing by both the bride & the groom's entourage. Haldi ceremony also referred to as Pithi is one such pre-wedding function, out of many.

If you are an Indian by residence or by heart, then we’re sure that you’re already aware of this beautiful wedding ceremony. However, for those who do want to read more into it then let us tell you about this traditional Indian wedding ceremony.

Haldi ceremony thali

Source: The Crimson Brides

The haldi ceremony is an occasion where the entire color palette revolves around yellow. Yellow-colored haldi (turmeric) & chickpeas paste is applied to the bride’s & groom’s bodies. The haldi ceremony is generally held a day or two before the wedding.

In some cultures, it varies and could be held on the morning of the wedding day. The same goes with the name variations of the Haldi ceremony in different cultures, calling it tel baan, mandha, ubtan, halad chandavne, pellikuthurru, pithi, etc.

What does a Haldi Day look like?

Well, with all the turmeric glow, yellow haldi dresses, giggles, and laughter all around, the haldi day looks like a fanaticized real-day episode of a magical fairy tale. The haldi ceremony attributes to a tag of thousand rituals. The ceremony is conducted by both the bride as well as the groom’s side respectively. The dear friends and families gathered to shower their blessings on the soon-to-be husband and wife, contributing to their happy new journey.

Haldi (Pithi) Ceremony celebrations

Source: The Crimson Bride

All of the entourage eagerly wait for their turn to smudge the yellow paste on the bride & groom's face, neck, arms, and legs. With yellow everywhere, the pungent aroma of turmeric sets up a jolly mood on the haldi day leaving a wide grin on the groom’s face & a blushing bride.

But, just like any other ceremony in the grand Indian wedding, the haldi ceremony also has its significance according to the rich Indian culture. So, let us dive deeper into this Indian tradition of applying haldi a tad bit more.

Why is haldi ceremony conducted?

Before we dig into the reasoning behind this beautiful ceremony, let’s emphasize one thing. No tradition or ritual of our Indian culture ever goes without an interesting story behind it. So, let’s get on with the color talks. Indians have always believed the color yellow to be a sign of happiness and prosperity.

Hence, the bride & the groom are covered in this traditional yellow paste marking a prosperous and fortunate-filled start to their new journey. So, to begin with, the haldi ceremony is conducted to make sure that this new phase in the bride and groom's lives is filled with happiness, good luck, and prosperity.

After that comes the scientific beautification properties of the turmeric paste. Turmeric is said to provide an instant glow and radiance to the skin. That is yet another reason why the paste is applied onto the bride’s and groom’s face for the final wedding day glow.

Bridal Haldi ceremony India

Source: Naukri Nama

As we mentioned earlier, there are multiple reasons behind this auspicious celebration, so here’s the third one. According to Indian culture, turmeric is considered to protect one from the eyes of evil. Before the wedding day, the bride and groom are soaked in the turmeric paste to keep the evil eye or the ‘buri nazar’ away from the happy couple.

Apart from the other reasons, haldi (turmeric) is believed to work as a skin exfoliator and also cleanse the mind. Haldi paste relieves the mind by acting as a stress buster. Moreover, we all are well familiar with the anti-bacterial properties of this power ingredient.

The recipe to a perfect haldi paste!

Now that you have learned as to why the haldi ceremony is held, here’s the best recipe to make your very own traditional haldi paste thali for your loved ones.

As obvious as it stands, the main ingredient of this paste is haldi (turmeric). The most basic process of making the traditional haldi paste is by mixing freshly extracted haldi powder with raw milk or rose water that acts as a natural toner. You can always add a few more ingredients to the paste as per your liking for your special day.

Haldi ceremony thali
Source: Panigrahana

Here’s a guide for you to craft your very own skin illuminating paste at home. It’s usually best recommended to prepare your homemade natural paste to avoid any chemicals. Some of the ingredients that you will need are- 

  • Rosewater
  • Lemon juice
  • Sandalwood or Chandan powder
  • Almond milk/oil
  • Mustard oil
  • Milk 

Once you gather all the ingredients, mix them well together. This beauty paste is any desi grandma’s best-kept beauty secret that would do wonders for your skin. It would also tighten up the open pores, give you a radiant glow and make your skin healthy.

When to conduct haldi ceremony?

Deciding when and how to fit in different wedding functions in your tight schedule can be a tough job. It is essential to know when to conduct each ceremony. As far as the haldi ceremony is concerned, it is usually conducted on the morning of the wedding day. However, in recent times, people preferably conduct haldi ceremonies a day or two before the wedding day to celebrate at the fullest without any hassle or rush.

How to get the perfect outfit for your bridal haldi look?

Picking the perfect haldi dress for the bride can be an extremely tricky task. With all the multiple options put forth, selecting the right outfit for your haldi ceremony can be quite tiring. Hear us out ladies, you have nothing to worry about! We are at your rescue with a single-step solution for all your haldi dress and haldi ornamentals dilemma. So, let’s get started with the perfect haldi bridal look guide.

1. Swirl like a princess in a haldi lehenga!

If you are one of those brides who love to hold up to a fashion reputation while looking traditional chic, then we’ve got the best pick for you. Nothing could look better than a bridal haldi lehenga for your haldi ceremony. After all, it’s your big D-day & you deserve to look like a royal affair. What else could beat a gorgeous haldi lehenga? Here are our best picks of haldi lehenga outfits.

Yellow floral Haldi ceremony lehengaClick on image to view product details

This stunning piece is made out of the best quality dupion silk and has embellished zari and sequins work. The mellow yellow color is sure to complement your haldi ceremony in the best manner. Moreover, the lightweight tulle net dupatta is the specialty as it ditches the old-fashioned ‘heavier than the bride’ dupattas.

Mustard Haldi LehengaClick on image to view product details

The mustard color of this gorgeous lehenga is an eye-warming pleaser and makes it the perfect haldi yellow lehenga. It would bring out a different glow to your face. Additionally, the stunning embroidery on the lehenga choli and the dupatta would make you adore it.  The princess cut style makes the fitting of this beautiful lehenga choli appropriate for your special day.

Vibrant Chevron Haldi ceremony LehengaClick on image to view product details

Well, well! Who doesn’t love a colorful lengha choli for a vibrant haldi ceremony vibe? The haldi day is expected to be as cheerful and vibrant as possible. Hence, this Rangreli lehenga choli comes in multiple shaded handcrafted weaves with a top-notch sequins work that makes a perfect haldi dress. You can pair it with ever-trendy oxidized black metal jewelry and not bother about damaging jewels on your haldi day.

This chevron lehenga is going to be the perfect haldi bridal outfit for you. The lightweight net dupatta with elegant embellishments on it adds up to the grace of this colorful delight.

Modern bridal lehenga for HaldiClick on image to view product details

 Shine as bright as the sunshine in this bright yellow Alizeh lehenga for your haldi rasam. The designer blouse of this exquisite lehenga with a V-cut neck and hemline is the center of attraction of this piece. It will give you a glamorous look and leave everyone awestruck. This designer statement piece comes with a matching bridal mask just for you.

Turquoise lehenga for Haldi ceremonyClick on image to view product details

This Madeeha lehenga choli is yet another extremely pretty piece for your bridal haldi outfit. The turquoise shade in the base and the colorful florals spread all over it add a delicate touch. The choli of this designer lehenga is very well precise with a deep V neck at the back. The unique detailing at the hem makes it stand apart from all others. You could complete your overall haldi look by adding a piece of colorful floral jewelry with this gorgeous lehenga choli.

Green Floral Lehenga for HaldiClick on image to view product details

This lehenga choli is an excellent option for all the floral-loving brides for the haldi ceremony. The contemporary green color of this lehenga choli makes it look gorgeous & the floral details on it are just splendid. Let’s not have you bothered about the wrinkles either! The lehenga choli is constructed out of wrinkle-free velvet fabric, allowing you to swirl and groove without hassle.

Tulle yellow lengha for HaldiSouce: Papa Don't Preach by Shubhika

We are all well aware by now that ruffles are here to stay. They aren't just topping the fashion charts but also work up a dramatic bridal look for your haldi ceremony. This ruffed skirt lehenga is the absolute best option for a bridal haldi look. The lemon-yellow color will compliment bring out a glow on your face for the special day.

2. Rock that unique haldi look with an Anarkali!

Amongst all the lovely haldi outfits for a bride, Anarkali suits come spot on! Anarkali suits happen to be an evergreen style statement are also super comfy. You can swirl around, dance, have fun and do anything and everything without any hassle. So, if you are a bride whose cup of tea isn’t a bridal lehenga then an Anarkali suit for your haldi ceremony is a dream.

Yellow Anarkali for Haldi
Click on image to view product details

This dupion silk Anarkali suit with churidar in sunflower shaded color palette is the best haldi outfit. The bright color, minimalist sequins work, and top-notch cloth material makes this Anarkali an outstanding option for the minimalistic bride.

Pink Anarkali for Haldi occasionClick on image to view product details

Is all the yellow on your haldi day is a little too much for you? Then go ahead and break the monotony of colors. Wear this beautiful pink Anarkali suit on your haldi and stand out like a diva for your ceremony. This short Anarkali style makes it more unique than the rest. Delicate hand embroidered designer neckline on the pink will enhance your haldi look, making you feel like a flower picked right out of the garden of Eden.

Minimalistic Anarkali for Haldi celebrationSource: Blob

This is the most suitable minimalistic Anarkali suit for the brides who wants to keep it simple and elegant on the haldi day. This cotton Angrakha style Anarkali with floral prints is a treat to the eyes and will surely make you fall head over heel for it.

3. Be a Patakha in a Sharara!

All of us desire to look unique & glorious during wedding functions. So, if you chose to ditch the traditional lehengas or suits and switch to sharara suits instead, we approve!

Floral yellow Sharara for HaldiClick on image to view product details

 This mustard yellow sharara suit is a go-to option for all the brides-to-be. Short mustard Kurti with silver sequins work & a splendid dupatta paired up with sharara pants will make you angelic on your big bridal haldi day.

Mint Sharara for Haldi ceremonyClick on image to view product details

Want to break the stereotype of yellow outfits on your haldi? Then this jade green sharara set is meant to be. This soothing color green outfit with contrasting golden handwork gives it the perfect bridal look. Moreover, the designer sleeveless Kurti will add to your charm.

4. Be a modern era bride in these Co-ord's!

Look like a modernistic fashion warrior in these heavenly co-ord sets with an effortlessly fuss-free look. These pair-ups are one of a kind and would surely make you stand out from the rest of the crew. Grab them while we still have them waiting for you!

Modern sharara for Pithi celebrationsClick on image to view product details

Nothing can compare to the convenience of outfits that allow you to dress up or dress down. The spaghetti-strapped bustier allows you to have a hassle-free haldi ceremony. However, the jacket can help you keep looking cozy & sophisticated post your clean-up. The loose-fit minimal sharara-like palazzo is perfect for your pithi ceremony.

Indo-western haldi day outfitClick on image to view product details

If none of these classic beauties has impressed you just yet, then let’s leave all the traditional bridal outfits behind. This contemporary piece would surely land hearts on your fingertips. This full-sleeved white masterpiece comes in lace crop cut with stylish slit salwar pants is all you need to rock your haldi ceremony.

Haldi special outfit fuss-freeClick on image to view product details

This designer piece is yet another perfect pick specially crafted for haldi or mehndi occasions. This stylish piece is perfect, reflecting your stylish personality on your haldi day. The slit skirt layered pants are the most fashionable yet functional option for your day. The strap blouse and dupatta with minimalistic detailing are sure to complement your fashion sense.

5. Indo-western bridal statement! 

Kaftan for Haldi rasam ceremony
Click on image to view product details

 Look like an exceptional bride in this chic & exclusive kaftan. This yellow-shaded kaftan with absolutely stunning golden hand embroidery is one of a kind. This loose-fitted outfit is a perfect functional yet trendy option for your haldi event. The off-shoulder detailing furthermore adds convenience while making you look dazzling.

Indo western haldi sareeClick on image to view product details

It would be love at first sight for anyone who lays eyes on this Indo-western designer piece. This pastel-shaded designer piece comes in three different segments. The first segment being, the stylish strapped crop top. Then comes a detachable cape with silk fringe trim that’s sure to make you look like a pageant queen. Last but not least is the pre-draped saree pants. It is the perfect balance of traditionality & modernity allowing you to achieve a contemporary saree look.

6. That chic traditional Saree style game!

Finally, let us come down to the traditional Indian wear saree. Sarees are an all-time favorite outfit for Indian women. The most versatile piece with multiple drape options giving you the benefit of wearing it in any way that pleases you. Haldi day sarees for brides are a definite gorgeous option too. If you want a classic evergreen select and never worry about going out of style, then sari is your answer.

Haldi day yellow ruffle sariSource: Hitched & Clicked

Ruffle sarees are a big-time ‘YES’ this past season & we are here for it! This ruffled yellow saree with floral prints is hands down one of the best picks for you. It’s the perfect blend of chic contemporary with a traditional touch to it. 

Bride on Haldi ceremonySource: Shopify

It is truthful said that there is something exquisite about simplicity and minimalism. This haldi yellow saree with designer cut sleeves blouse proves just that. Its simplicity with the right color tone still makes this sari a showstopper. Making you look like a classy missy with your fiancé's gaze admiring his luck to have scored a charm like you.

Haldi jewelry sets for the pretty brides to be!

A bride’s outfit is an essentially crucial choice to pin on, but bridal jewelry is just as important. Without the perfect kind of jewelry accessories, no outfit is ever complete. So, we bring you some of the best jewelry ideas that would act as the cherry on the top of your haldi rasam dress.


Haldi ocassion jewelry set
Click on image to view product details

Choker sets are the new chart rankers for women jewelry fashion. Pick out this stunning choker set for your haldi jewelry. The multicolor stones, with a hint of gold design detail makes this set a perfect haldi jewelry set for bride.

Pink haldi ceremony jewelry setClick on image to view product details

Luxurious polki has always been a bridal favorite jewelry select by Indians for years. This unique set is a vibrant piece, sure to put a smile on your face & make you glow. Grab this classic jewelry set for your haldi ceremony and rock your day in style.

Cuff bracelet for Haldi day
Click on image to view product details

Amidst the struggle of finding the right haldi dress and the right haldi neckpiece, we often forget a very vital accessory. Yes, the hand accessories such as a classic bracelet, cuff, or a kadha. These cuff bracelets are going to be your absolute favorite this season, marking up to your perfection.

Earrings for Haldi ocassion

Click on image to view product details

The days have gone by when brides would have to bear the weight of heavy bridal jewelry to look royale. Instead, pairing up your outfit with just one singular piece of jewelry has become a new minimalistic trend. Many celebrities abide by wearing just the earrings on a traditional outfit & ditching the neckpiece. So, pick this gorgeous pair of Kundan earrings to complete your haldi look. Chandbali for Haldi RasamClick on image to view product details

These classic handcrafted earrings with the most luxe stones like rich emeralds and ruby are a perfect companion for the bride on their Pithi celebration day.

Dangle earrings for Haldi dayClick on image to view product details

Do you wish to wear something different than the usual red and green gems on your haldi day? If yes, then these turquoise earrings are just perfectly handcrafted for you.

Hoop earrings for Haldi ceremonyClick on image to view product details

Hoops are every girl's wardrobe staples. So, who wouldn't want to wear these stylish pieces at their wedding ceremonies? Pick these beautiful golden hoops with Kundan and stone details and shine as bright as the sun on your haldi day.

CZ set for Haldi celebrationsClick on image to view product details

You are going to dazzle like a stunning beauty in this silver and pink jewelry set. This set is crafted in a delicate manner that will suit perfectly with any haldi outfit for almost any type of face cut. 

Floral jewelry for HaldiSource: Tropical Tropulence

The floral jewelry trend is a go-to pick for anybody during haldi because of the lightweight and comfy features. The right vibrant colors of this floral haldi necklace set are brilliant. Wear this stunning haldi necklace with vibrant colors to look your best on the haldi day. It is a very unique and gorgeous design that will make you fall in love with it.


Every missy deserves to have her share of bridal fairytales & these bridal ceremonies sum up to the happiest times of a newlywed, embarking future. This holy event of applying Haldi/Turmeric is a pre-wedding event and is joyful and cheerful. If you are a soon-to-be bride, then we hope this guide was your one-step solution. Do let us know about your favorites pick, as we love to hear from you! 


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