Top Fashion & Jewelry Trends for Diwali 2021

Top Fashion & Jewelry Trends for Diwali 2021

Let the gleaming Diya’s and the echoing chants illuminate every corner of your realm this Diwali 2021.

With the festival of lights being just a few days away, we hope you are just as pumped up as we are! What could be more intriguing than an opportunity to light up our darkness left forth from the pandemic? This Deepali is not just going to dote as a fresh start. But it sure is an excellent opportunity for us to unite into celebrations.

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The waves of laughter echoing & glasses of sherbet glinting to the gleaming Diya’s on the night of Diwali is a ritual from time immemorial. As we step into the illuminating life ahead post-pandemic, we are sure you’d want to put forth your feet in style.

Diwali has bought in great diversity over the year, with every Indian celebrating it beyond the religious peripherals. With most things floating the same way, the only thing that’s different now is the sense of responsibility and awareness. Deepavali 2021 isn’t going to be about the fireworks, rather about the prosperity of one another.

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Top 5 fashion tips for Diwali 2021

We know the first thought that crosses our minds when we think of festivities is our wardrobe. Each of us is aware that there’s always something special about Indian ethnic wear, the sense of being homebound. Now, let’s not stay tongue-tied and dive right into the fashion trends for this Deepavali 2021.

1. Floral Prints

Printed motifs have made a major comeback this year. Designers like Masaba Gupta & Arpita Mehta have embraced the power of prints. These are perhaps an evergreen trend that always makes it back on the chart with variant motifs each year. You could never go wrong with an ethnic set composed of floral motifs. Stick to power-shaded or pastel-hued floral prints this year.

Floral Diwali trend 2021Source: Vogue

Opting for lightweight fabrics like georgette is an excellent option. You don’t want to be drowning in a super heavy fabric during the festivities. Keep it fuss-free and as free-flowing as possible.

Floral Sharara - Fashion for Diwali 2021Click on image to view product details

2. Bralette & Bustier

Leave behind the mediocrity and the stereotype of the societal norms and go modern this season. We ladies are graceful beings! So, adore your curves and pride yourself on the conventional wisdom the future holds.

Bralette blouse for Diwali 2021Click on image to view product details

Contrast bralettes or bustiers are the new talks of the town! Pair them with a classic lehenga this festive season. One can never go wrong with fusional wear when the styling can speak volumes. 

3. Chic Chevron

Chevron saree for Diwali 2021Source: Ilamra

Chevron patterns have always had a hold over the trend chart over the decade. Be it a western chevron playsuit for summers or an ethnic chevron embroidered set. These gorgeous pieces are a must-have approved by fashion enthusiasts all over the globe.

The world is your playground when it comes to the number of choices at one’s disposal. If you are confused about the color palette this season, go ahead and get yourself this chic chevron multicolor lehenga. The intricate embroidery on this designer chevron lengha emphasizes the handcrafted detailing.

Chevron lehenga for Diwali 2021 fashion trendClick on image to view product details

4. Mirror Work

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’d slay this Diwali trend of them all? If you wish to nail the fashion trend for your Deepavali gathering this year. Then you must consider the mirror work adorned clothing. Traditional mirrorwork ethnic sets have been embraced by many, be it for a wedding or festivals. They have made it yet again to the fashion charts for this Deepavali.

Mirrorwork lehenga for Diwali 2021Click on image to view product details

This pastel-shaded mirror work lehenga is an absolute heartthrob. If you wish to keep it sassy yet simple, this piece is the one for you. It defines the perfect balance between simplicity and intricacy.

5. Playful suits

When we talk about comfort & glam with ethnicity, nothing ranks better than salwar suits. Salwar kurta isn’t just comfy and fun but is one of the styles to trend this festival of lights. Walk your way into prosperity this year, sporting your best shalwar kameez.

Salwar kameez for Diwali 2021Click on image to view product details

This navy-blue salwar suit is quite an eye-catcher. Playful yet comfy! The luxurious Zari & Swarovski crystals are delicately handcrafted with great precision.

Jewelry trend setters for Diwali 2021

No ethnic ensemble is ever complete without a piece of classic jewelry to pair. As we all know, jewelry is a very crucial part of Indian fashion. So how could we leave that out? Here are a few of the must-have pieces of jewelry that hit the top chart for this festival of lights.

1. Pearls

Pearls are one of the most luxurious & versatile pieces of jewelry that ranks the chart this year. Get yourself a delicate multi-strand pearl set if you are looking for something simple. They can elevate the entire look of your ensemble with their pearly charm.

Pearl jewelry for Diwali 2021Click on image to view product details

2. Simple Maang Tikka & Choker

If you are someone who adores simplicity when it comes to jewelry then get yourself this beautiful delicate set. This maang tikka and choker are handcrafted with pearls and Kundan gemstones perfect for this festival of Deepavali.

Choker for Diwali 2021Click on image to view product details

3. Statement sets

Gone are the times when women included statement chokers only in their bridal ensemble. This new era calls in for luxury on every occasion. We couldn’t agree more because why shouldn’t one pamper themselves all through their life? You are a queen that deserves to be treated and styled like one. So go ahead and pick your statement choker for this Deepavali.

Festive jewelry set for Diwali 2021Click on image to view product details


Diya’s and lanterns are a beautiful way to celebrate Diwali this year. With things only getting better post-pandemic, we hope each of us stays responsible enough & not cause any environmental harm. Go green this Diwali and ditch the fireworks. Do you know why? Because you are going to look nothing less than a bomb yourself on this festival of Diwali. Do let us know if you try out any of these fashion & jewelry tips this Deepavali. We wish you a prosperous Diwali, from our family to yours!


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