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The Essence of Raksha Bandhan - Fashion Guide for the Perfect Gift for your Sister

The Essence of Raksha Bandhan - Fashion Guide for the Perfect Gift for your Sister

With each year passing by as we grow old, the occasion of Raksha Bandhan gets better as we age. The love and power that revolves around this festivity go far beyond just a hand-tie. It defines the bond between every brother-sister and is one of India’s favorite Hindu festivals.

Ever since the covid pandemic struck, all festivities have been celebrated virtually. With things getting better and proper sanitary measures, small gatherings with precaution have been possible. Raksha Bandhan being one of the most intimate indoor events, people have been looking forward to celebrating it with loved ones. Everyone dressed up in Indian ethnic, ready to have a ball and belt down some delicacies.

What is Raksha Bandhan?

 As a child, we all remember looking forward to this festival of love. The festival involves every sister tying an amulet, also known as Rakhi, around her brother’s wrist. This auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan celebrates the bond shared between a brother and sister, where a brother vouches to protect his sister under all circumstances.

Raksha Bandhan festivalSource: Bajaj Allianz

Raksha Bandhan quite literally translates to the bond of protection, Raksha which means to protect & Bandhan meaning bond. It comes around every year during fall in August. This festivity is more than just a Hindu ritual. It is personal to a point where it brings out tears of joy. On this day, people dress up in ethnic Indian wear, tie the Rakhi to the brothers and indulge in delicacies & exchange gifts.

Draupadi to Lord krishna

This festival dates to the backstory from the Hindu mythology Mahabharat (Indian Hindu epic). When the wife of Pandavas, Draupadi tears a cloth from the end of her saree (pallu) to prevent Lord Krishna’s wrist from bleeding. This story signified Draupadi’s concern towards Lord Krishna in a way that of a sister caring for her brother. Over the years, this beautiful festival of any brother-sister relationship has grown to break religious barriers. It isn’t just celebrated by blood siblings but by anyone who shares a sacred relationship like the relationship of a brother & sister.

How is Raksha Bandhan celebrated?

Each part of India has a different way of celebrating the beautiful occasion of Rakshabandhan. But the most common form of celebrating it would be by having a small get-together. If the sister is married, then she would come down to her brother’s house to carry out the ceremony of Rakhi tying. All the girls or women of the house usually start their day by dressing up in traditional Indian clothing and preparing delicacies followed by a pooja. Then, they tie Rakhi to the brothers starting from the eldest one. 

Rakshabandhan Aarti thali
Source: Tied Ribbons

The Rakhi thali usually consists of the red powdered Kumkum, rice grains, lit up Diya, flowers, sweets, and the Rakhi thread/dhaga. The procedure starts with applying a tikka with the Kumkum on the brother’s forehead. Then, tying the Rakhi around his right wrist followed by an Aarti, it is a process of waving the Aarti plate in front of the brother. It is further taken ahead by putting the rice grains, commonly known as the Akshat, on his head. After this, the sister feeds her brother with his favorite sweets. In exchange, the caring brothers don’t just take an oath to protect their sisters but also gift them something special or give them money.

What to gift your sister for Raksha Bandhan?

Often so, we find ourselves falling into a great dilemma when we talk about gifting something special to our loved ones. For years, the practice of gifting money has been the easiest way to solve this dilemma. But, wouldn’t it be great to give your sister something special that she could keep for years to come. What’s better than an addition to the stylish wardrobes when it comes to sisters?

If you are confused as to what to gift your sister this Raksha Bandhan. Then, don’t you worry! We’ve got your back! We, women, love our jewelry, shoes, and clothing. It becomes all the more heartfelt when a brother puts in the effort to observe our fashion style and gifts us the right things. Fashion to women isn’t just clothing. It is a sense of personality that we confide in to boost our self-esteem. It is something that we thread our memories and occasions to relate to even after decades. The sense of fabric on our skin speaks to us of time, reminding us of the sacred moments shared.


In case you’re thinking accessories then we’ve got the best picks for you. Starting from jewelry, handbags and shawls. The possibilities are endless!

1. Evening clutch

Raksha bandhan gift ideas - clutchClick on image to view product details

This evening clutch is one of the most glamourous yet versatile pieces. Every woman who ever owned this clutch can never get enough of it. It comes in a golden shade with embellishments and pearl beads that make this clutch a must-have. It’s the perfect kind of gift if you plan on gifting someone a handbag.

2. Pearl multilayer necklace:

Pearl necklace as rakshabandhan giftClick on image to view product details

If you’re thinking jewelry, then what better than a multilayer bead of pearls? Pearls are a classic no matter which era and can be paired with almost anything. Be it a modern chic dress or a tradition Indian ethnic ensemble, it merits the job of styling. Just like diamonds, pearls are also women’s best friends so we’re sure your sister is going to fall in love with this choice.

3. CZ Cuff Bracelet:

Jewelry as rakhi giftClick on image to view product details

Maybe she’s someone that doesn’t have accessories much and likes to keep it simple. If your sissy falls under this category, then there’s nothing better than a simple statement handcuff bracelet. This luxurious cuff band comes with red Onyx & CZ stones with gold metal plate coating.

4. Royal Velvet Zardozi Shawl:

Royal Zari velvet shawl as rakhi giftClick on image to view product details

When it comes to a royal fabric, everyone thinks of the velvet fabric. This fabric is soft felt and luxurious & when it comes with hand-embroidered Zardozi, it’s like the icing on the cake. If your sister is your princess and you wish to gift her something luxurious, then this is it! This drape shawl comes in maroon and green shades with golden Zari & Sequin work over it.


1. Anarkali Suit - Pastel Pari

The best way to start off observing to pick the right gift is to figure out which color your special one loves. If your sister is someone that adores pastel shades & loves Indian embroidery. Then, this Anarkali suit in pastel blue is the perfect gift for her.

What to gift your sister for Rakhi 2021Click on image to view product details

This gorgeous pastel blue raw silk Anarkali is sure to make your sister look like a little fairy in this ensemble. It manages to balance the right amount of elegance and classiness, making it an ideal traditional Indian wear outfit as a gift. The floral hand embroidery with sequins work makes this piece a stunner.

2. Palazzo Lehenga – Playful Pink

Most women love pink, not just because of the lovely shade but, it represents love and playfulness. If your sister's favorite color happens to be pink, then there is no doubt you should opt for this graceful off-shoulder palazzo lehenga set. 

Palazzo lehenga for Raksha bandhan 2021Click on image to view product details

This georgette fabric ensemble comes with a gorgeous off-shoulder kurta further intricated with hand-embroidered gold sequins work. The bottom half of the outfit is a minimalistic palazzo that looks lehenga because of its maximum flare drape. To complete the look, it comes with a netted dupatta that has golden embellished sequins & scallop trim border work.

3. Indo-western Dhoti – Mix & Match

Do you consider your sister to be unique, someone that breaks stereotypes with her out of box thinking? If that is a yes, then you've got to see what we have in store for you. Mix & match sets rarely die out & when it comes with a twist, it gets even better! This particular pick balances a modern yet elegant ethnic look all at once.

Gift for sister on Rakhi - Dhoti set
Click on image to view product details

This edgy yet glam look comes in silk and chiffon fabric. The upper bodice of this outfit is a silk spaghetti strapped golden embroidered cropped blouse that comes in a perfectly fitted princess cut pattern. Whereas, the lower bodice is a flared brocade dhoti pants embellished with Kundan stones on the waist and ankle cuff band. What makes this outfit unique is the sense of experiment with the pink chiffon open jacket. The jacket almost looks like an open-kaftan with a golden scallop trim border making it one of a kind.

4. Wide-legged palazzo set – Cutesy White Co-ords

If you are super unsure about what to gift then, stick to the classics! Whites don’t ever run out of style so, a white ensemble can do no wrong. Co-ords have been in the fashion charts for over two years & it looks like they are here to stay. In this given situation, this minimalistic white co-ord set is a win-win for you as well as your sister.

Co-ord set as gift for sister for RakhiClick on image to view product details

This ensemble consists of a simple scoop neck with angelic long puff sleeves that’s sure to make anyone feel like princess Jasmine from Aladdin. This chiffon set comes with a wide-legged palazzo bottom and simple white threaded embroidery handwork. This outfit is so versatile that it can be picked for any occasion making it ideal for gifting.

5. Lehenga set – Monochromatic Mirror Game

Traditional handwork garments hold a sense of royalty to them. The intricacy and detail make it one of a kind, designed by skilled artisans. If you belong to a family that loves Indian heritage and its art forms. Then, this outfit is something to look forward to. It comes in a glorious baby pink shade with mirror work all over it. 

Mirror work lehenga for Raksha Bandhan 2021 Indian ethnic wear
Click on image to view product details
The ensemble is out of chiffon-georgette fabric that gives the lengha a bouncy drape. This lengha set comes with a shoulder barring low-cut neckline and long sleeves. The bottom skirt is a circular patterned lehenga with two layers to give maximum bounce and excellent drapability. This entire monochromatic ensemble consists of handcrafted mirror work making this piece one of a kind. To complete this look, it consists of a sheer net dupatta with border mirror work.


The occasion of Rakhi is a sacred and auspicious festival celebrated by brothers and sisters of all ages. This festival doesn't just encourage the bond of love & protection but has also broken various religious barriers over the years. We hope you celebrate this Raksha Bandhan of 2021 safe and sound with loved ones. Do not forget to take sanitary measures to keep yourself and your family protected. Let us know if you like our gift suggestions for your sister this Rakhi. We'd love to hear from you.


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