15 Different Ways to Drape a Dupatta Over Lehenga

15 Different Ways to Drape a Dupatta Over Lehenga

Every Indian takes pride in the vast cultural diversity the country contains. The limits are endless and we definitely take pride in them!

The rich cultural benefit brings along various subcultures and practices. This further results in a broader range of languages, cuisine & the regional modus operandi. But most importantly, fashion! Each region of the country offers innumerable fashion styles.

15 ways to drape bridal wear dupattaSource: Weddingz

Every Indian bride is left in a quandary when we talk about the limitless wardrobe options for her D-day. Most brides chose to wear lehenga as it's one of the most widely accepted Indian bridal ethnic wear. The bridal lengha is accessories with jewelry & jutti. However, no bridal look is ever complete without the dupatta that acts as a veil. If taken the regional aspect into account, the dupatta styles could differ around the country.

top 15 ways to drape a dupatta this wedding seasonSource: Rugal Fab

Be it the bride, the bridesmaid, or just an ethnic wear enthusiast. We are all aware no Desi Indian bridal look is complete without a dupatta. The art of drape can amplify the entire look of a lehenga choli. The flamboyant Indian market has hugely accepted different fabric dupattas of prints, patterns, and textures. There is always room for the experiment when it comes to fashion. So, why not go bold with your drape style this bridal season? To make things easier for you, we have compiled 15 different ways to drape a dupatta over your lengha.

Top 15 Ways to Drape a Dupatta over a Lehenga

1. Cowl neck style

This style is draped over with a cowl element. Both ends of the dupatta are taken to the backside leaving drape volume at the front. Then one side of it is further overlapped towards the front, wrapping around the neck. It is a very unique and innovative dupatta drape style. This drape is perfect if you'd like to accessories your neck. It's best for winter bridal wear, keeping you warm all through the wedding.
    Cowl style dupatta drape

    Source: Prathyusha Garimella

    2. Draped over head & one side taken front

    This style of draping is one of the most versatile styles. It doesn't just hold traditional value but also adds an elegant look to the bridalwear. The simple dupatta draped over the bride's head. Then one side of the dupatta is taken to the front & leaving the other end free, draped at the backside. This dupatta drape element also adds vertical integrity to the bridalwear & the silhouette.
      Over the head dupatta

      Source: Weddingz

      3. Simple one side open drape

      It is again another classic way to drape a dupatta over a bridal lehenga. It is super easy to carry, adding grace to your ethnic bridalwear. The center of the dupatta border is pinned at the shoulder, adding balance. This style of drape looks flattering on lightweight fabric. Generally draped, intending to showcase the intricate embroidery running over it. 

        15 Dupatta drape style for lehengaClick on image to view product details

        4. Pleated one side drape

        It is yet another evergreen way to drape a dupatta for the bridal entourage. It adds elegance & is one of the most fuss-free ways to style a dupatta. The center of the dupatta is draped over the shoulder, adding balance. Then, neatly pleated through the width of the dupatta. The pleated portion up till the end of the border eventually overlaps. Furthermore, it needs to be secured intact with a broach or a safety pin. 
          Pleated dupatta style on lehengaSource: Vogue India

          5. Tied to wrist

          This style of dupatta is a unique way to drape. It has been the latest method of draping a lehenga dupatta. The concept of this particular drape is to keep it fuss-free. It can get quite challenging to handle one while running wedding errands. If you have to groove on the dance floor then, this pick would be the ideal choice. You also have the option to drape it over your head or pinning it directly on your other shoulder.

            6. Gujarati drape

            This one is one of our favorite picks. It is to drape a dupatta in the Gujrati style. Draped in the Gujarati way, this method holds heritage & culture. One side of the dupatta is first pleated & draped at the front, leaving 3/4th of the dupatta flowing towards the back. The free end on the backside is then pleated & tucked to the side of the waistband. Finally, the corner of the underlying border at the front is secured intact at the side seam. It adds an elegant drape through the creases of the pleat.
              Gujrati style draped dupattaSource: Wedmegood

              7. Hyderabad Khada dupatta drape

              Khada Dupatta is comparatively a drape that is a tad bit complex. The center of the dupatta firstly needs to be tucked at the center back waistband. Further, the right end of the dupatta is brought to the front, pleated like a saree, and then pinned at the shoulder. Eventually, the left end of the dupatta also requires pleating and is then brought to the front from the left side and then overlapped above the drape on the right shoulder. Finally, the excess left-over dupatta can be pleated and tucked at the center back.
              15 ways to style a dupatta for lehenga
              Source - Kashish India

              8. Half saree drape

              This style of drape is prominent in the southern region of India. The south Indian bridal entourage loves themselves a classic half saree draped lehenga. It is again another drape method culturally accepted all over south India. One end of the right side of the dupatta is draped into pleats and tucked at the center front of the skirt lehenga. Then, the other end is wrapped around the hips & brought to the front side. The drape is further formed into pleats & then pinned on the left shoulder.

              15 dupatta drape styles for a lehengaSource: Shopzters

              9. Asymmetrical drape

              This style of drape is quite a contemporary approach to the lehenga dupatta. It inclines towards an asymmetric drape style. If you are looking forward to experimenting on your bridal lehenga look. Then, you've got to try this one out! We're sure it's going to make you look nothing less than a modern princess. This style consists of a pleated central drape at the right shoulder & let free on the front end. Then, the other back end of the dupatta is brought to the front side. Finally, draping it in an off-shoulder cowl style, wrapped around front to back and secured at the shoulder.

              15 ways to drape a dupattaSource: Get Ethnic

              9. Cowl style then over the head 

              This style of draping the lehenga dupatta is sure to bring out the royalty in you. It is one of the most elegant drape styles for Indian bridal wear. The dupatta is draped like a normal cowl style and pinned on left side shoulder. Then right end of the fabric is draped over the head. This look is inspired from the movie 'Bajirao Mastani'.

              15 ways to drape a lehenga dupatta
              Source: Fab Weddings

              11. Cape style drape

              Another classic way to style your dupatta would be to wear it onto your shoulders. But, this time at the backside bringing the center of the dupatta behind your neck. This drape style is commonly also called the cape style dupatta drape. It is simply draped from back to front from both sides and left free to flow towards the front. 
              15 ways to drape a dupatta over a lehenga
              Click on image to view product details

              12. Off shoulder like drape with waistband 

              Dupatta drape can come in limitless capacity if one is willing to experiment. One such look is to drape the dupatta the off-shoulder way. It is one of the most modern ways to approach today's Indian bridal lehenga dupatta drape style. This one is for the bold and fun-spirited souls. First, drape the dupatta over your arms in an off-shoulder manner. Then, bringing it to the front, cross it across the each other. To add an extra element, use a belt to secure the dupatta. The ends of it are pleated and tucked into the waistband. It also resembles a Roman toga-style look.

              Dupatta draping in 15 different styles Source: Femina

              13. Double dupatta drape

              It is yet another drape inspired by the movie 'Bajirao Mastani'. We are sure it's been on every bride's mind because this look is everything! The draping of two dupattas has become quite prominent over the years. This look calls out for a 'Go Big or Go Home' slogan. The dupatta style requires a drape of 2 dupattas, where one heavy dupatta is used to Place it over the bride's head & the other dupatta is usually a lighter net dupatta. It can be draped in various ways, anything that sails the bridal entourages boat. Be it a cowl, Gujrati, or just a simple one-side drape. 

                Double dupatta drape styleSource: Pinterest 

                14. Over two arms dupatta drape

                Often, this style of dupatta drape is pulled off by various celebrities on the red carpets. Why not do the same? Because you are no less than a Diva! The simple yet most elegant drapes is the one taken over your arms. This style of drape requires you to take the center of the dupatta behind your back. And then gracefully placed onto your forearm leading it to the front.

                15 various method of dupatta drapingClick on image to view product details

                15. One side pleat, one side open drape 

                This style is draped on the left side of the shoulder in pleats from front to back. The other side of the dupatta is draped openly over the right shoulder and taken towards the backside. It is then secured intact onto the left side with a pin.

                Dupatta drape styles for lehenga in 15 waysSource: South Indian Fashion


                No matter where an Indian bride resides, she never forgets to recognize her true Indian identity. We women are built with high values and see through the finer things in life. Be it fashion, education, or mere relationships. We are always known to take risks so, put on your boldface. Do the same this bridal season and embrace your Desi roots. We’ve curated the best top 15 lehenga dupatta drapes styles just for you. Also, remember to flaunt a smile and your crown of confidence anywhere you go!


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