How can Fashion help in Improving Mental Health?

How can Fashion help in Improving Mental Health?

Mental health issues can be a downpour of emotions, resulting in a threat to one's stability. But we need to constantly remind ourselves that there's always sunshine after a storm. It is a sole duty as citizens to help those in need & fashion can be of tremendous help! 

In today’s society, mental health is a global problem where 264 million of the world’s population suffers from depression. The stigma and taboo surrounding mental health sometimes tend to blind the importance of it. Unfortunately, people most often don’t understand the gravity of how mental health can affect one’s day-to-day routine. Since it is not evidentially visible through the naked eye.

Fashion can help improve mental health

Source: Under 25 Dictionary

Given the situation of the pandemic, it only happens so that the times have gotten worse. The different circumstances of each being, resulting in rising cases of anxiety and depression. The consequence of loneliness during isolation, loss of a loved one, or unemployment has resulted in various mental stress. In recent times, plenty of designers have spoken about the importance of mental health, few being a victim themselves. The term fashion is probably the last thing on your mind amidst this pandemic. But what if we told you that it could be an aid to distress? If you’d want to know how fashion can improve mental health, then keep reading!  

Correlation between mental health and fashion

Fashion has indeed had its own story linked to a person’s mental health. The researchers prove that people often dress up according to their mood. We all have our days, be it a chirpy dress-up Friday night or a lazy & comfy Sunday stay-in. Our moods reflect upon our take on fashion in a lot of aspects.

Studies have also proven that clothes and colors could have an impact on improving one’s mentality. It tends to rebuild confidence with a sight of hope towards the betterment of their mental health. When people usually feel down, they prefer to dress up comfortably and minimal, almost like they're trying to protect themselves from judgment. But when someones is happy and confident, they might want to experiment with their styles.

History of fashion on mental health
Source: Plosin

If we look back at the early 1930s during the Great Depression, people shifted to more loose and comfortable clothing reflecting their mental state. However, in the 1950s, during the time of the Civil Rights Movement. People were empowered and confident and wore form-fitted dresses. Iconically influenced by the famous Dior’s “New Look.” The majority of the women seemed full of confidence & mentally strong during this era. That being quite an evidential fact as to how mental health can be relevant to fashion.

The majority of the masses who suffer from their mental problems choose not to pay attention to their dressing sense. They rather tend to wear baggy clothing like sweatpants & sweatshirts. The reason, summing up to the comfort and coziness behind this type of clothing. But often so also depicts and leaves a picture of their mental health. The people who dress up with bright and bold colors with body-fitting silhouettes often prove to be healthier & positive. However, the judgment of one’s mental health cannot always solely depend on what one wears.

Body image issuesSource: Elle UK

Every person has their share of stories about the root cause of their mental issues. The reasons can vary from body image issues, harassment & abuse, insecurities & the list goes on. The fashion industry over the years has been taking baby steps towards eliminating model body standards and other such aspects. It's high time we unite to create awareness & not let ourselves be defined by validation.

How can you improve your mental health through fashion?

There are various ways to improve and have a healthier state of mind. One of them being fashion influence to build confidence. It is a great perspective to experiment with fashion to help your mental health. It can help one to explore and feel comfortable in their very own skin.

  • Dressing up - Offices and schools often try to maintain a uniform to inflict a sense of sturdiness and discipline. This method can also help one boost their confidence and keep their mind in a better place. Switching up your look & dressing up on a day-to-day basis can help one be focused and disciplined. It can also help in broadening the creative perspective and help to improve your overall state of mind.
  • Retail Therapy - It is no surprise that retail therapy is quite realistic. The decisions on the right purchases can build your confidence, starting from clothing to jewelry to shoes & accessories. It all helps you building confidence and end up resulting in improvement. However, it is also equally important not to splurge on the things you might not need.
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone - To overcome the problematic mental state revolving around impure thoughts, having a social life can make a huge impact. Dressing up well can have good consequences wherein people tend to compliment you over it & tiny gestures as such can pay your mind a good favor.
  • Building Confidence - It can help you build back your self-esteem. The final yet ultimate goal to progress towards better mental health through fashion is to do justice to yourself. It could be by giving yourself a chance to have a peak build of your confidence. Trying to keep up with the trends can be pretty fun. Having the opportunity to conduct exploration & research to figure out your style can tremendously help stimulate your brain.
  • Color Booster – We are all quite familiar with the fact that color has a humongous impact on our mood. Be it the wall color shades of a playroom, an office, or maybe just as simple as coloring a book. It’s been an old practice for many to help influence a particular mood. The same goes when we talk about fashion, as it could hold a strong hand in affecting a person’s mental health.

Fashion can improve mental state
Source: Moda Firma

    Understanding Fashion Color Therapy

    Is color just for a visually appealing aesthetic? It is that and much more! Visual colors can come in hues, tones, tints & shades. The depth of color and its forecasting has been deeply studied by various, over the years. The researchers state that each color has a unique light wavelength & color therapy principles use the energy of each shade to boost your mental & physical health.

    Wardrobe Color therapy Source: Pantone

    Fashion is a language of expressing yourself! Everyone has a unique take on fashion that represents each one’s personality. We’re sure you’ve found yourself wearing darker shaded clothing when you’re moody & low. But turning to brighter shade clothing when you’re cheerful. Different color clothing usually depicts different moods.

    If you have been feeling a tad bit over the edge lately but have a mandate Indian ceremony to attend. We have a little something for you to help improve your mood. Wardrobe color therapy can sure help you mildly in the betterment of your mental state. 

    1. Beat the blues with the relaxing blue

    Calming blue wardrobe color therapyClick on image to view product details

    The color blue belongs to a cool shade that represents serenity & tranquility. It can have an overall calming effect. Different hues of blue have various impacts on your mental state. If you've been feeling anxious lately, pick a blue ensemble to have a soothing & comfortable state of mind. 

    Tranquil blue color therapyClick on image to view product details

    Darker shades of blue usually tend to give out a comfortable and feeling of security. While the lighter shades of blue have a pleasant appeal, it would be a great pick to calm your chaotic days and give you a sense of aspiration. 

    2. Fun purple to tingle your creatives

    Purple is a color that inflicts a sense of purpose and excitement towards life. It's great to wear purple when you're in search of creative inspiration. It's a bold and unique color that leaves a very calming impact on your mind. We all tend to gain social appreciation occasionally to boost our confidence & purple does the job right. 

    Creative purple wardrobe color therapyClick on image to view product details

    3. Let yellow warm up your persona

    Most of us are aware that yellow falls under a warm color palette. It has the tendency to cheer up a person's mood. It is often believed to be associated with inspirational and healing quality towards one's mental health. This bright color isn't just a warm color but also gives one a sense of happiness and optimism. If you've been feeling down on the low lately, then pick a yellow-hued ensemble to perk up your mood. 

    Warm yellow for fashion color therapyClick on image to view product details

    4. Feirce red to stack up your self esteem

    Red clothing for mental strengthClick on image to view product details

    Red is a fierce and bold color & it has quite the same impact on your mental state. People habitually wear red when they go out on dates or for harmonious occasions. It's because it acts as a booster to spark up your self-esteem and help you portray your best self. It is a color that to increases your heart rate and creates excitement. If you ever need a push mentally, then wear red to strengthen your state of mind. 

    5. Heal your soul with the Green tones

    Since green is the color of nature and is an earthy color shade, it is said to be the most tranquil. It is directly correlated with the color of nature and has healing and rejuvenating qualities. If you're at a point in life where you wish to embark on a new path, embrace green for its positive radiation. This color represents calmness and is the perfect pick to feel safe and grounded with your mental health. 

    Fashion green color for mental peaceClick on image to view product details


    Mental health improvement through fashionSource: Under 25 Dictionary

    There are various ways to tackle mental health, fashion being one of the ways. It can help you improve confidence and result in the betterment of your thought process. It is a great way to find mental stimulation and keep your mind distracted, in turn, building your confidence. However, these tips are just thoughtful suggestions & one should never hesitate to get professional help if required. We are here to remind you that mental health should be everyone's utmost priority. As the saying goes, "There is no physical health without good mental health" we firmly stand by that. During these challenging phases of life, always stay positive, kind, and grounded. We wish you all the safety and healing!


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