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Different Ways To Style & Drape A Pagdi - Men's Turban

Different Ways To Style & Drape A Pagdi - Men's Turban

In this market every head has a different fancy: everyone winds his turban in a different fashion - Saib Tabrizi

Essence of a Pagdi

A traditional Turban is also commonly known as 'Pagdi' or a 'Safa.' A Pagdi holds a more profound sense than just a wrapped headgear. The essence of a Pagdi isn't just to protect one's scalp from the sun. But instead, it unravels as a symbol of great faith and unity in the Sikh community and as royalty to the Rajasthani's.

Indian Pagdi draped in different stylesSource: Sabyasachi 

The faith roots from the 15th & 18th centuries in India, where only the elites and the upper-class members of the society wore a Pughdi. Whereas the Sikh communities core belief's lie centered around equality, adopting the turban. It indicates that no being needs to be subjected to the lower or upper class based on societal views. On the other hand, Rajasthani's took over this tradition passed down by the Rajput rulers and sported it with pride and royalty.

Who wears a Pagdi?

Pughdi's, are commonly sported by men belonging to the Sikh community. It is a way to represent their community and also serves as a turban to protect their uncut hair. The Sikhs never tend to cut their hair, accepting nature and gods will.
In comparison, women of the community don’t necessarily wear a turban but cover their heads with a veil, commonly known as the dupatta. The boys usually wear a 'Patka' headwrap, typically worn under a Pagari.

Wear you Safa in different styles Source: Pinterest

However, people belonging to various regions of India also happen to wear a Pagdi. In recent times, most grooms chose to include a turban in their bridal ensemble to finish their look.

How to Drape a Basic Pagdi over a Patka?

Wrapping a Patka:

1. First, one needs to gather their hair on the top of their head, tie a ponytail & secure it with an elastic.

2. Then one needs to roll their hair till the end of their hair length and then roll it up into a bun.

3. Followed by taking a Patka cloth, then wrapping it from the front of the forehead to the back


Sikh boy wearing a Patka - ways to style a pagriSource: Masterfile

4. Tying it at the back with two opposite corners of the square Pataka cloth, overlapping over the other two ends at the back.

5. After which, the remaining two corners at the back end can be brought to the front and tied in a knot.

Wrapping a Turban:

1. Grab one end of the turban cloth and hold it in your mouth to keep your hands free to wrap.

2. After which, one needs to wrap the pagari material from back to front, bringing it across from left to right.

3. Once the left side of the head is covered, continue to follow the same procedure to layer the right side.

Steps on how to wrap a basic Pagdi? Source: Youtube

4. After looping the pughdi around the sides, start wrapping it at the center top.

5. Layer it each time, leaving a small distance between each loop, forming a step effect.

6. At the end of the wrap, place the end inside the turban, making sure to pull it tightly to keep it secure

7. Now, with the padgi end that you had put in your mouth, bring that to the back and over to the center and tie it.

Fashionable ways to Drape a Pagdi!

Pagari’s are quite an accessory carrying cultural values. If you find yourself bored sporting your Pagri in the usual manner. Then, you are at the right blog! Various regions drape their pughdi in different ways. Take this opportunity to experiment with turbans of fun colors and patterns. We are all aware that tying a Pagdi is a tradition. So, why don’t we help you do it in style?

1. Rajasthani style Pagdi

Introduced by the Rajput rulers, most Rajasthani men tend to wear turbans. They consider the Rajasthani Safa as a symbol of royalty. This style of Pagari wrap is also one of the familiar groom’s go-to styles.
The Rajasthani turban drape varies depending on the locals based in different state regions. But typically, Rajasthani turbans are wrapped around with a pre-twisted Pagdi cloth forming a rope-like wrap. Their pagdi also tend to be colorful and pattered.

Steps on how to drape a Rajasthani PagdiSource: Rajasthani Tadka

2. Marathi style Pughdi

This style of Safa is locally known as the Marathi Pheta. As mentioned before, most drape styles vary from region to region. In contrast, the Maharastra’s style of draping a Safa is found simply in one way & the same all through the state.

Marathi style drape of Pagdi - Different ways to wear a safaSource: Pinterest

This drape style usually involves wrapping the Pagari around the head by forming layers. After which, the corner end of the Marathi pheta left behind stands in the shape of a fan at the center front, above the forehead.

3. Sikh style Pagri

Sikhism’s beliefs need their preachers to wear a pughdi regularly on a day-to-day basis. Most Sikh men experiment with their drape styles to keep their look fresh. But the traditional way to drape a Sikh’s turban depends on the region and community.
However, the most common drape of a Sikh pagari over a patka is in layered step design equally divided into both sides of the head and finally securing it at the center top. Most pagris are accessorized with Kalgi groom’s jewelry to complete the look.

Pagdi with Kalgi - 5 ways you can drape your PughriClick on image to view product details

4. Jodhpuri style Pughri

This style of Pagri is one of the commonly sported drapes by the grooms of India. It is quite a fashionable and fun way to spice up your safa wraps. It involves twisting & wrapping the pagdi around the head on one side while leaving out one end measuring up till your lower back.
Then overlap the twist drape with a step design layering from the other side until it covers 3 inches past the center point, forming an inclined design forms on one side of the Pagadi. In the end, you need to tuck one end of the cloth at the center front and put it up, forming a fan shape. This drape leaves both ends exposed instead of the normal tucked in style.

Jodhpuri style - various ways to draps a PagadiSource: MKC Shop

5. Peshwa style Pagdi

Saving the unique one for the last, we come to the Peshwa turban. Inspired by the Bollywood movie ‘Bajirao Mastani’, where Ranveer Singh sports this turban, it has become one of the most attempted styles by the grooms in recent years.
As complicated as this drape might look, styling it is just as much of a task. While paired with the proper royal attire, this look is sure to steal the show. This pugari typically is wrapped around in a circular manner adding width with cone-like structure support at the center.

Peshwa style pagri drape stylSource: ShaadiWish


If you are a groom-to-be or someone who has a wedding event coming up, you’ve got to try these Pugri drape styles. As remarkable as the big bridal day might be, it’s equally crucial for you to feel just as special in a fashionable manner. Most men love to accessorize the Pagris with precious stoned Kalgi jewelry or a minimalistic feather. We’d love to hear which Pagadi wrap style you love and plan on sporting this bridal season.


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