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Bridal Fashion Trends 2021

Bling it up & Ring it up with the Hottest Bridal Trends of 2021

The year 2021 has brought some real stunning bridal fashion trends along with a lot of hope for the post-pandemic wedding couples. The latest lehenga designs of this year are full of unique styles with blouse designs rarely seen before. Get an outlook into what wedding fashion looks like in 2021 and be the trendy bride rocking the hottest trousseau out there.
"The post-pandemic wedding trends are hot with some lovely 2021 lehenga designs for brides along with a number of innovations in blouse styles, anarkali dresses, gowns, suits and what not! Get an outlook on the 2021 bridal fashion trends and be the most modernized sassy bride on your wedding day. Here's your guide to all the bridal wear styles of the year 2021..."

While the last year didn’t turn out to be as voguish as we expected we managed to carry the sass through some really stylish masks. B Anu Designs along with a lot of Indian apparel designers managed to make wedding couples and guests happy with these high-toned masks which not only protected them but also added charm to the intimate wedding settings. 

weddingwear masks

Little did we know, the year 2020 would have an unfortunate turn of events but as we leave that behind and walk into the hopeful year of 2021, we are sure you are just as geared up as we are! 

This year has a lot in stock for brides, and it has already been proven by the outstanding collections of celebrated designers they released through online events. 

indian bridal mask

If you are a bride to be and that loves to strike a balance between modernity & ethnicity, then 2021 is your year to shine. Bringing you all the game-changing trends to bling you up as you set a ring on it on your big day! This year is all about celebrating the end of the pandemic and letting in the good vibes of a new beginning knocking on our doors. So let’s do it with flair through some latest wedding fashion trends of 2021.  

1. Groovy Structures & Frills in the Latest Bridal Lehengas of 2021:

Ruffle and frills are huge this season, be it an extravagant ruffled lehenga or an elegant structural blouse, we are all in for it! Designers like Amit Agarwal and Manish Malhotra have worked their magnificent craftsmanship into bringing back these prominent details balancing modernity with a traditional approach.

latest blouse design 2021
Source - Amit Aggarwal

latest lehenga for bridal
Source - Amit Aggarwal

bridal lehenga 2021
Source - Manish Malhotra

bridal lehenga 2021
Source - Manish Malhotra

Inspired by the latest trends, B Anu Designs itself launched their groovy blouse designs paired with lehengas accommodating the magic of frills flawlessly. 


frilled sleeves blouse with lehenga - pink
Click on image to view product details


unique blouse design for lehenga
Click on image to view product details

2. Plunging Necklines and Over-the-top Sleeves in Latest Blouse Designs of 2021

Won’t you love a dramatic style element and an experimental touch to your wedding ensemble? We got you covered with this season’s trendiest features being the bold plunging neckline right up till extravagant sleeves like bell & leg of mutton are seen making a huge comeback.

leg o mutton sleeve blouse by manish malhotra
Leg o mutton sleeved blouse by Manish Malhotra

bell sleeved blouse
Bell sleeved blouse by Manish Malhotra

The modern brides of today aren’t hesitant to flaunt their feminine side by making bold or empowering statements, if you think you are one of them then you are here for the win!

deep v neck blouse
The Classic Deep V Neck by Sabyasachi

B Anu Designs also launched their 2021 bridal collection with some lovely deep V necks you need for your bridal trousseau. 

deep v neck blouse
Click on image to view product details

deep v neck blouse with floral print lehenga
Click on image to view product details


3. Layer it up with Jacket Style Lehengas

If you are guilty of the love you hold towards layering up all your looks even when it isn’t chilly outside? Don’t be! 

This season all about layered OOTD’s meeting ethnicity from sheer capes to glamourous jackets perfect for any season all through the year.

jacket style lehenga
Jacket lehenga by Manish Malhotra

layered gown by Rahul Mishra
Layered Gown by Rahul Mishra

The Sharleen Jacket Lehenga is a classy piece with a lovely combination of red and white. 

jacket style lehenga
Click on image to view product details

4. It’s all about the Trim Game this 2021 Wedding Season

Trims are the heart of accessorizing your glam either making or breaking a look & always turning your style game up a notch. Luxurious pearl beaded trims, Ostrich feather & scallop-cut trim detailing have gotten into the game over some time now and they are here to stay! 

Feathered lehenga set
Scallop beaded trim by Tarun Tahiliani

Dangling bead trim lehenga for brides
Dangling Bead Trim Lehenga by Tarun Tahiliani

scallop trim dupatta
Scallop Trim Dupatta by Jayanti Reddy

Get your hands on these stunning trendsetters and slay the look like the modern queen that you are!

We at B Anu Designs are obsessed with feather, bead and scallop trims and you'll find one or the other of these features in most of our outfits. 

We chose a lot of our outfits to have a scallop trim dupatta to add that wow factor to these. 

mustard yellow anarkali suit
Click on image to view product details

sky blue suit partywear
Click on image to view product details

pastel pink anarkali dress
Click on image to view product details

Feathered blouses have always been our favorite and we have designed several indo-western bridal and non-bridal lehengas inspired with the style. 

white bridal lehenga - stylish
Click on image to view product details
Click on image to view product details

5. Tints on Silhouettes in the Latest Bridal Collection of 2021

It could be quite tricky to pin down the various fads and classic must-haves for your dream bridal look but what you must know this season is to live up to the attitude of “Go Big or Go Home.” 

After the screeching halt to our social lives as a result of the pandemic, it’s more likely for the upcoming trends to be elevated and unique.

yellow palazzo suit by Manish Malhotra

Source - Ami Patel

Blue Sharara - Mishru

Source - Mishru

mustard yellow sharara by sabyasachi

Source - Sabyasachi

6. Vibe with the Vibrant this Sangeet – Shararas & Anarkalis

Opt for playful Shararas and elegant Suits & Anarkalis of cheerful shades for Mehndi or Sangeet and let the vibrant tones do the talking, bringing out the best in you. These picks aren’t just trendy this 2021 but also shout out comfort as a priority. 

pink sharara - off shoulder kurti
Click on image to view product details

red sharara
Click on image to view product details

mustard yellow anarkali
Click on image to view product details

mint green sharara
Click on image to view product details

7. Pastel Affair for the Wedding Bells – Lehengas

Modern ladies of today are not hesitant to stay in tune with their desires by picking for a variant color range instead of a classic red! Vintage sober pastel tints have been quite fashionable in recent times and have been every bride's favorite select for their big day.

Pastel pink bridal lehenga
Pastel peach bridal lehenga by Rahul Mishra

ivory bridal lehenga - Rahul Mishra
Pastel ivory bridal lehenga by Rahul Mishra

The stylists of B Anu Designs love experimenting with colors. We brought to life some really outstanding pastels to life this year gearing up brides with their 2021 wedding trousseau. 

pastel blue lehenga
Click on image to view product details

pastel pink mirrorwork lehenga
Click on image to view product details

Sophisticated pastels were super in last season & it looks like they are prominently going to stick around for a while. Intricately handcrafted lehengas with various embellishments and traditional embroideries like stunning mirror work, subtle pastel floral embroidery, feather and scallop-cut trims, geometric or floral prints are more likely to be evident this bridal season.


8. Crack up the Clichés for the after-party

It seems like this season is all about breaking the stereotypes and clichés by living our best possible life post-pandemic.

Opt for an effortless and graceful pants saree with shimmery embellishments or a ruffle off-shoulder gown this 2021, as they seem to be quite the talk of the town. 
pants saree in peach color
Click on image to view product details

ruffle off shoulder pink tulle gown
Click on image to view product details

Elegant Ombre and bold dark shaded ensembles would be the right kind of selection for your cocktail or reception parties that’s sure to make you look like a Diva with all the focus of spotlight gleaming on you all night long!

ombre lehenga set
Ombre lehenga by Tarun Tahiliani

This silver-grey Ombre lehenga from B Anu Designs is a must-have for your reception this year!
silver bridal lehenga for reception
Click on image to view product details

This black lehenga with heavy silver embroidery featured by Elwa Saleh is a bridal hearthrob! 

black heavy embroidery lehenga - reception lengha

Click on image to view product details

9. Belted Beauties are hot this season

Embroidered belts and illusion belted lehengas, sarees and Anarkalis have become a fad this wedding season with their unique way of making the simplest of outfits out there stand out. A simple black saree can look outstanding just with a belt on.

belted black saree by sabyasachi
Belted black saree by Sabyasachi

Similarly, a simple Anarkali can be distinguished with an embroidered belt-like structure on the waistline. 

black anarkali dress
Click on image to view product details

Detachable lehenga belts are also getting trendy in the 2021 wedding wear. Our Candyfloss lehenga was created with a similar embroidered detachable belt which ensures both fitting and style.

Pink net lehenga with satin blouse
Click on image to view product details

belted lehenga - pink

10. The Magic of Monochromes is worth watching in the Bridal Fashion Trends of 2021

First brought in clout by Priyanka Chopra’s through her wedding trousseau at the end of 2018 and then tried out by many celebrities in their weddings, we got to know that monochrome bridal lehengas are here to stay when Neha Kakkar rocked Falguni Shane Peacock’s monochrome bridal lehengas in red and ivory colors on her wedding. 

Neha Kakkar Wedding Lehenga

We are in love with the monochromatic lehenga trends too and thus have a lovely collection for you to choose from!

red lehenga - manpreet toor
Click on image to view product details

This gold bridal lehenga featured by Manpreet Toor is a stunner for the brides of 2021!
gold bridal lehenga
Click on image to view product details

11. You can never go wrong with a Chevron Bridal Lehenga in 2021

Covering the middle ground between traditional and modern bridal fashion, Chevron patterned lehengas have been given the attention they deserve from iconic designers like Sabyasachi this year. Paired with some plunging neckline blouse designs, they recreated the ethnic style of chevron for the modern bride to slay on the wedding day. 

chevron lehenga by sabyasachi

Chevron lehenga by Sabyasachi

Though you can choose from a range of Chevron patterned lehengas available in a variety of colors, our favorite is the Sabyasachi style multicolored chevron lehenga.

That's why we recreated our version of it for you to crush on!

chevron lehenga - multicolor
Click on image to view product details

So these were the hottest bridal trends for the year 2021. Honestly, we love what is coming up and are excited to see our brides trying these out working our best to mix their vision with what's hot this year.

Our favorite is the Deep V neck plunging necklines by Sabyasachi as these lehenga blouse styles are as conventional as modern they are - exactly what the 2021st century bride needs!

What's yours and why? Tell us in the comments below.

Check out our latest bridal collection here or get your dream outfit customized by us by filling the form on this page


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