15+ Stunning Kundan Choker Set Designs for Contemporary Indian Brides

15+ Stunning Kundan Choker Set Designs for Contemporary Indian Brides

Kundan jewelry is mesmerizing and a real joy for Indian brides. The art of jadau which is used in processing Kundan and Polki jewelry has existed for years adorning kings and queens of the ancient Mughal period and to date is embellishing the movie stars in historical films and our very own lovely brides. Of all the Kundan jewelry its Kundan choker sets the brides swoon over the most as they embody the intricate art and beauty of this precious stone. 

Here’s a list of beautiful latest Kundan choker designs from our Indian bridal jewelry collection suited to every contemporary Indian bride whether she’s minimalist or lavish. 

Shiddat Kundan Meenakari Set

kundan meenakari set

This peach meenakari Kundan necklace set has a unique design with shell pearls and motifs embedded in it. This is for the modern bride who wants something completely different for her big day. 

Nia Kundan Polki Choker

A beautiful hybrid of Kundan and Polki, this Kundan Polki choker necklace has been crafted through the amazing process of meenakari. 

Sitara Kundan Emerald Choker Set

Bridal Kundan choker necklace sets have taken a step ahead towards modernity and understanding the likes of minimalist brides who don’t want to get spoiled with heavy bridal jewelry.

The Sitara Kundan emerald choker set is made just for them. It’s beautiful, elegant, and no fuss just like the women of today. 

Farrin Red Kundan Choker Set

This red Kundan choker set has been created with five rows of Kundan stones lined with red ruby pearl drops. The perfect bridal jewelry for a red bridal lehenga!

Punjabi Kundan Bridal Set

This red bridal Kundan choker set with white Kundan stones is another option to compliment your red bridal lehenga


Empress Kundan Jadau Bridal Set

This white Kundan choker set has been named so considering its design which is an upside-down crown. This antique Kundan choker is ideal for the minimalist bride. 

Zahoor Kundan Polki Choker

This glamourous Kundan Polki choker set is suited to any fashionista who appreciates the art of fine craftsmanship. 

It has been studded with floral motifs with Kundan, CZ and even ruby stones to make a delicate Kundan choker perfect for the bride or her mother.

Tulika Kundan Choker Necklace Set

This heritage Kundan pearl choker is sure to make a statement with its intricate layers of Kundan stones with pearls and navratna stones.


Zindagi Kundan Choker Necklace Set

Here’s a unique Kundan choker full of colorful navratna gemstones, Kundan, and faux pearls sure to give you life and thus named so. 

The beautiful pearl Kundan choker is a blend of modernity and tradition perfect for the bride or bridesmaid. 

Tabeer Kundan Ruby Choker Set

If you’re looking for something in ruby as well as in Kundan, this Kundan ruby choker jewelry set with pearl drops of ruby is all you need!

Tara Kundan Pearl choker Set

Another one for the minimalist bride, the Tara set is a choice of every lady out there who’s looking for something modern yet traditional. The hue droplets are made of Russian pearls on the gold Kundan choker necklace. 

Tara Pink Kundan Choker Set

This Kundan choker in pink is set with Kundan, Ruby, and Rose Accents to give an awesome colorful vibe. 


Tara Emerald Green Kundan Choker Set

This emerald green Kundan choker set has a necklace with pearl drops made of green emerald hue drops and has Filigree work on it which gives out a traditional look.  

Zareen Kundan Meena Choker Set

This Kundan meenakari choker has hand-cut Kundan stones set up tactfully with red enamel polki that creates a piece of Mughal statement jewelry with shell pearl droppings. This is one antique Kundan choker necklace. 

Aliyah Green Kundan Choker Necklace Set

This green Kundan choker necklace has been crafted with beautiful Kundan stones, emeralds, and pearls perfect for the minimalist bride or her sister due to its small size and elegant design. 

Nida Shisha Kundan Mirror Set

This Shisha Kundan set made of white Kundan stones is a beauty in itself at a very low price. Set with stunning white pearls along with the shisha Kundan embellishments, it's the perfect Kundan choker jewelry for the minimalist bride. 

You can get any of the Kundan choker jewelry customized for yourself. 

We want to hear from you now!

Which kind of bride are you? The minimalist, who would want to adorn in the smaller Kundan choker sets or the lavish who wants to go all decked up with a heavy Kundan choker necklace and other jewelry items? Either way, we have your back with custom jewelry of all kinds. 

Tell us in the comments below!


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