Birthstone Jewelry Guide For All 12 Astrological Signs!

Birthstone Jewelry for 12 Zodiac Signs
Ancient astrologers hold faith in each birthstone for their healing powers & protection from the evil eye as per an individual's zodiac!

Best Astrological Stone Trends!

Astrological birthstone for 12 zodiacsSource: AustinChronical

It's no secret that birthstone jewelry has been increasingly fashionable in recent years. You may have a profound love for minimalistic or opulent jewelry. Nonetheless, birthstones bridal jewelry only compliments them further. We are here with a list of the bridal & non-bridal jewelry with the best birthstones. But first, let's get a deeper understanding of jewelry with birthstone!

What is the symbolism of birthstone jewelry?

As the name suggests, the symbolism of birthstone jewelry is that of a gemstone that reflects a person’s birth month or zodiac sign. It has been a concept that ages back to the 16th century and is still quite prominent up to date. The hypothesis behind this is that the stones are ideally in link with the energy of the astrological signs. A birthstone is believed to enhance your energies to align them with the universe's frequency, bringing you good fortune and health.

Bridal birthstones for each astrological signSource: Buzzfeed

Discover your bridal birthstones!

Various suggestions and revisions concerning the type of gemstone that best suits each zodiac has been made over the years. Owing to the fact that each gem has its own set of characteristics and values that it assigns. Accessories your big bridal day with birthstones that match your astrological sign can make everything all the more auspicious.

Wear bridal birthstone as per zodiac signSource: Forbes

1. What birthstone for Aquarius?

Aquarius (water bearer) birthstonesSource: StyleCaster

This zodiac signs, also known as the Water Bearers (Latin) & Kumbh Rashi (Hindi), are the individuals with their birthdate between 20th January to 18th February. With Uranus as their planet and Air as their element, this astrological sign is known for being progressive, free-spirited & optimistic. The four Aquarius gemstones that could increase their frequency are listed below.


It is the most popular purple gemstone globally and one of the quartz kinds. This lovely violet stone is prized for its relaxing and spiritual properties. It is a fantastic gem for an Aquarius who are uncertain and struggles with self-love. Wearing Amethyst jewelry can help those born under the Aquarius astrological sign increase their healing abilities and their capacity to make swift decisions.

Amethyst birthstone for the Aquarius zodiac sign
Source: Pinterest


This magnificent red stone, belonging to the Bronze era, is composed of common silicate material. Garnet comes in various colors but is most commonly found in the shade of red. It is known to be one of the best Aquarius crystals. This durable gemstone is thought to foster love and instill a desire to pursue one's aspirations. It is believed that garnet jewelry can be beneficial, particularly for females. Garnet also holds medical properties that may help improve metabolism, rejuvenates cells & aligns the spine. So, if you are an Aquarius then wear this bridal Garnet jewelry on your wedding occasion and harness all the positive energies!

Birthstone for Aquarius - Garnet bracelet
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Blue Sapphire

This luxurious blue stone is known to be the Aquarius lucky stone. Sapphire is a precious gemstone that comprises aluminum oxide and other elements and is a variety of corundum. It is regarded as a stone of self-awareness and spiritual guidance. Aquarius gemstones, such as blue sapphire, are thought to bring prosperity and happiness to the sign. Aquarius women can wear this blue sapphire necklace set for better fortune. 

Powerful birthstone Blue sapphire jewelry for Aquarius sing
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Aquarius's emotional fortitude lies within the powers of this gemstone. It comes in various colors, red being the most common, whereas blue being the rarest. Jasper talismanic gemstone is an impure form of silica. It is said to encourage optimistic thinking and abundance. It also has medicinal properties that aid in improving blood circulation.

Jasper auspicious birthstone for Aquarius signSource: Pinterest

2. What birthstone for Pisces?

Pisces birthstones for jewelrySource: StyleCaster

This astrological sign with a water element and Neptune as its ruling planet is the last constellation in the zodiac chart. Also referred to as fishes in Latin & Meen Rashi in Hindi, it is shared by the people whose birthdate falls between 19th February to 20th March. Their sign symbolizes two fishes swimming in another direction, representing the lack of clarity they might have regarding fantasy & reality. The Pisces' positive traits are that they are kind-hearted, optimistic and highly empathic. Four such birthstones for Pisces would be the following.


This semi-precious gem composites of natural minerals of phosphate, copper & aluminum, giving it a surreal frosted blue shade. Turquoise birthstone for Pisces aids in regulating and enhancing their energy. It can also help this astrological sign better understand themselves by allowing them to distinguish between emotions and rationality. Turquoise is also a birthstone for other zodiac signs, and it is said to improve spiritual, mental, and physical qualities. So, wearing this stunning turquoise bridal jewelry is undoubtedly a good idea for all the Pisces.

Turquoise birthstone for the Pisces Click on image to view product details


Amethyst is a traditional Pisces birthstone that is said to bring inner serenity. It is an excellent birthstone for Pisces that suffer from mental instability & lack self-confidence. This beautiful violet-hued gemstone is not just for the fish sign, but amethyst for Aquarius zodiac sign is also known to work wonders.

Amethyst Pisces birthstone
Source: LearnReligions


This lovely form of beryl stone comes in a magnificent pale blue colour and is considered the luckiest stone for Pisces ladies. The calming waves for the safety of seawater sailors, as suggested by the Latin word. This fish sign is said to provide healing abilities and the capacity to calm the mind and provide stability. It is also thought to help Pisces females with mood swings and chakra cleansing. Wear this Aquamarine bridal necklace this wedding season to have the stars align in your favor!

Aquamarine jewelry for Pisces zodiac
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Clear Quartz

Crystals are known to have a variety of talismanic properties. For Pisceans, Clear quartz is thought to be the ideal healing birthstone, only complementing this factor. It can help amplify manifestation, improve immunity, and focus on mental stability for these tender souls. This exquisite gem helps the sensitive and tender Pisces heart restore its inner child, which is vital. Clear Quartz jewelry is also one of the most prominent accessories seen in recent times.

Clear quartz birthstone for Pisces Source: Pinterest

3. What birthstone for Aries?

Birthstone for Aries zodiac signSource: StyleCaster

This zodiac sign is represented by people born between the dates of March 21st and April 20th. The ruling planet of this sign is Mars, with fire being its element, known as Mesh Rashi in Hindi & Ram in Latin. This star sign is usually exceedingly ambitious, bold, and born leaders, befitting their inherent element. This astrological sign is symbolised by the Ram, who is always charging head-on with the obstacles, much like a fire has its turnovers—reflecting the anger issues an Aries man or woman may have.


Heliotrope is a jasper with hematite inclusions that are commonly known as Bloodstone. This lucky birthstone for Aries is an amulet. It comes in a deep green shade with red blood like markings, earning it the moniker 'Bloodstone.' This Aries fire birthstone aids in the sense of self-assurance, making them an even more capable leader. When wearing Bloodstone jewelry, the ram astrological sign might profit from its already fortunate qualities by enhancing them furthermore.

Bloodstone for Aries as astrological gemSource: Pycredes


This scintillating gemstone hardly needs an introduction! This isotropic Aries birthstone is a composition of carbon atoms arranged in diamond cubic, making it one of the hardest natural materials. This diamond is noted for its ability to provide charm, wisdom, and potency to aid in physical healing. It is thought to work best for Aries men, utilizing Mars' positive energy to boost their personalities.

Diamonds are Aries birthstone
Source: Pinterest

Red Jasper

The stone has been prominently used for its protective and comforting energy over centuries. The red jasper gem is a stone of endurance that corresponds to Ram's symbolism. It can work to provide tranquility & perseverance to an Aries zodiac. Its energies can sometimes satiate the qualities of this astrological sign. So, it is always suggested to be complemented with a calming crystal to harness it.

Red Jasper necklace for Aries signSource: Pinterest


This brilliant stone ranges from pale blue to golden orange because of its fluorine & aluminum silicate characteristics. Topaz for Aries works like a golden charm for this astrological sign. It is considered an auspicious gem that provides healing that works with the throat chakra & also calms the agitated Ram traits. Aries women most commonly wear topaz ornaments as they can work wonders. So wear this stunning yet minimalistic Topaz bridal earrings for any occasion!

Topaz jewelry astrological birthstoneClick on image to view product details

4. What birthstone for Taurus?

Zodiac sign Taurus birthstones Source: StyleCaster

In Latin, the bull symbolises this astrological sign, known in Hindi as Vrishabha Rashi. The ruling planet is Venus, and their birthdays fall between April 21 and May 20. They are naturally concerned with the actual world & are physical world-oriented as Earth is their element. Taureans may experience nervousness and a lack of self-assurance at times. However, this astrological sign is also recognised for being strong-willed, grounded, and ambitious.


Emeralds are one of the highly acclaimed gemstones. It is considered one of the most precious gemstones with a variety of beryl minerals. This green gemstone can help one benefit by bringing prosperity and wellbeing. It is considered to be the lucky birthstone for Taurus. Emerald as a birthstone for Taureans can prove to have a positive impact & enhance all the realms of their personality. Pick this gorgeous Emerald birthstone bridal jewelry set for your big day!

Emerald gemstone necklace for Taurus sign
Click on image to view product details


This gorgeous blue precious stone is a perfect gem for bridal accessorizing as well as a special birthstone for Taurus. It helps in nurturing the love and grounding of the strong-willed bull sign. This Sapphire birthstone bracelet can be worn every day or on special occasions like weddings to encourage a healthy and disciplined lifestyle.

Sapphire bracelet for Taurus astrological signClick on image to view product details

Rose Quartz

Taurus sign is known to lack self-love, and rose quartz crystal as a birthstone can help them begin to value themselves. It stimulates this astrological sign's heart chakra, allowing them to see the world and themselves in a loving light. Bringing in the flow of all the positive vibrations and leaving out the negative energy. This luxurious rose quartz earring is the ideal opulent piece of jewelry you can sport to elevate your heart chakra.

Rose Quartz earrings for Taurus
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Green Aventurine

Pastel green crystal is a member of the quartz family and the silicon dioxide mineral. It is regarded as the luckiest of all crystals and a stone of new beginnings. It highly promotes prosperity & wealth while repulsing any negative energies. If you wish to be filled with good fortune and stay in a cheerful space, then a green aventurine for Taurus is a remarkable birthstone.

Green Aventurine necklace set
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5. What birthstone for Gemini?

Gemini birthstone for prosperitySource: StyleCaster

The people of this zodiac sign share their date of birth between the 21st of May and the 20th of May. Referred to as a symbolism of twins in Latins, they are called Mithun Rashi in Hindi. Geminis are usually quick thinkers and are passionate. Ruled by Mercury as their planet & air as their element, this astrological sign is known to be curious beings. However, these following crystals can help their trait of indecisive and impulsiveness.


This green variant of beryl stone can help reduce the impulsive behaviors of the zodiac sign. Wearing an Aquamarine ornament can help the ambitious twin sign to overcome their fears and help them attain mental stability. It is also considered to stimulate the heart and throat chakra, making it a powerful birthstone for Gemini.

Aquamarine crystals for Gemini zodiac signSource: Pinterest


This yellow shaded crystal often goes unnoticed since it can be pretty rare in nature. Being a variety of quartz mineral class is believed to attract good energy & is considered as a Feng Shui crystal. Its vibrant yellow radiance can reflect upon a Gemini’s life in the form of prosperity and happiness. Providing comfort and calming the restlessness of this astrological sign, this birthstone for Gemini can also help them find peace and sleep better.

Citrine gemstone necklace
Click on image to view product details

Tigers Eye

It is a metamorphic rock with a golden-brown shade, speaking forth its name, tiger’s eye. This birthstone doesn’t just get its name due to its color but also because it is believed to possess the power of the tiger’s courage. Usually associated with the lower three chakra points, it protects you from the evil eye. Due to the dual nature of this zodiac, the tiger eye birthstone for Gemini can help them improve the balance of their own power.

Tiger Eye stone braceletSource: Gruposin


It comes in a wide variety of colors and ages back to the ornamentation of the Greek warriors. Agate is the traditional birthstone for Gemini, bringing them pure luck and fortune. The spiritual interpretation and the will to speak up for the truth is a power this gemstone holds. By wearing this stone, the twin sign zodiac can benefit from the analytical ability and improved focus.

Gemini astrological stone Agate necklace
Source: ShopDeals

6. What birthstone for Cancer?

Birthstones of all astrological signs (CANCERIANS)Source: StyleCaster

The moon rules this astrological water sign, and the natural element is water. They are referred to as Crabs in Latin & Kark Rashi in Hindi. Their birthdates fall between the 21st of June and the 22nd of July. This zodiac tends to be over sensitive & insecure at its lows. Cancerians are known to be intuitive and protective of their loved ones, often till a point it may be harmful to their own self.


It is a natural birthstone for people born under the sign of Cancer. This gemstone is a composition variety of mineral orthoclase and comes in white opalescent color or peachy pink shades. Cancerians are prone to mood swings because their ruling sign is the ever-shifting Moon. Moonstone, on the other hand, can help them align their mind & provides calmness by attracting lunar energy.

Moonstone for Cancer zodiac
Source: Discoveredus


Ruby is a gorgeous precious gem and can be a powerful birthstone for the Cancer sign. It helps them stabilize their emotions and temperament. It is believed that it can also help fight health issues and provide a better heath for Cancerians. Wearing it in the form of a necklace and earrings can help this crab sign tremendously, resulting in better financial prospects. This bridal ruby, emerald & pearl set comprising of all the powerful birthstones of cancer can do wonders, if worn!

Ruby, Emerald & Pearl birthstone Cancerian jewelry
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This opulent precious stone can work as a birthstone for various zodiacs, one of them being the crab sign. It is not just considered the stone of prosperity for the Cancer astrological sign. But Emerald can also benefit them in a gratifying way by assisting them with self-assurance and wisdom. Wear this stunning emerald bridal ring to absorb all of nature's positive energy!

Cancerians Emerald birthstone ring
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This natural stone holds properties of calcium carbonate that form in the deposition of concentric layers. This gorgeous white-hued birthstone is known to work wonders for the cancer sign. It is believed that pearls for Cancerians can help aid with anxiety & depression, blocking the ill effects of the lunar. They are not just an essential birthstone for this star since they bring balance to karma and help live a prosperous and fruitful life.

Pearl temple necklace for Cancer zodiac birthstone
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7. What birthstone for Leo?

Lucky birthstones for Leo (Lion zodiac sign)Source: StyleCaster

The fearless lions symbolize this zodiac in Latin and are referred to as Singh Rashi in Hindi. They share their birthdate between 23rd July and 23rd August. People born under this zodiac are thought to be generous and natural leaders, as they are ruled by the bright sun and the natural element of fire. However, this may sometimes cause them to be vain to criticism and lack self-awareness. The birthstones of those born under the sign of the lion can help them overcome their weaknesses and harness their best traits.


Ageing back from the Neolithic times, Amber is adored for its beauty and considered the soul of the tiger. It is a composition of tree resin fossil that gives it a stunning golden yellow color. Amber birthstone for Leo helps in manifesting, diminishing mental weakness and healing their chakras. Furthermore, it aids them in cleansing their mind and body. As a result, it accentuates their innate characteristics while encouraging personal development.

Amber birthstone for Leo
Source: Dreamstime


Citrine is considered a magical stone of success for the Leo astrological sign. Since the sun is the ruling planet, this stone is said to infuse warm and positive energy into the characteristics of an apprehensive Leo. It can help this lion star express emotionally and open out their heart with its healing powers.

Leo birthstone citrine
Source: Pinterest


This gemstone is a variety of chalcedony in an infinite array of colors. It is considered the official native birthstone for Leos and helps them attain success with their destiny. The leadership qualities of the zodiac can be further enhanced by wearing this gemstone. Leos, who suffer from mental stress and indecisiveness, would bring the ability to be strong-willed.

Onyx bracelet for Leo zodiac signClick on image to view product details


Leo ascendants are considered to be highly beneficial to the red ruby stone. This precious gemstone is a lucky birthstone for the Leo sign, bringing them a fortune, good health, and nearly covering all aspects of quality life. It also helps them eliminate the negative trait this astrological lion sign may carry.

Ruby is the astrological gem for Leo
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8. What birthstone for Virgo?

Birthstone of the zodiac sign - VirgoSource: StyleCaster

Virgo, also known as Maiden (Latin) and Kanya Rashi (Hindi), governs from 24th August to 22nd September. Virgo’s element is Earth, and the ruling planet is Mercury. Virgos are known to be logical, realistic and humble. Consistency in the work they do and sympathetic at heart. They make excellent friends and partners. Four fortune gemstones for Librans would be

Blue Sapphire

Sapphire, also known as Neel Ratna, is a radiant blue stone considered to emit the most rays among all gems, giving it its profound, penetrating powers. It has cleansing and healing properties which make it a very desirable gem. Sapphire is an ideal gemstone for both Virgo men and Virgo women. People who are shy and lack self-confidence can’t benefit from it. It can mend burns, inflammations, hearing issues and fevers.

Blue sapphire birthstone
Source: Pinterest


Carnelian is a silica mineral with impurities of Iron. It is beneficial in promoting passion, love, harmony and courage. Carnelian is good for Virgo women who have a menstrual cycle and fertility issues. It even facilitates nutrient absorption in the Intestine. Carnelian is a talisman of financial prosperity.

Carnelian gemstone for Virgo astrological sign
Source: FBeadAge


Zircon is a silicate of Zirconium, a transparent gem that occurs in various colors. It is also known as a guidance stone which brings peace to the soul and mind. It leads the bearer to success and prosperity. Also known to have calming properties, zircon makes an excellent stone for Virgos.

Zircon gemstone jewelry - Virgo birthstone
Source: Pinterest

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a form of transparent quartz that is considered to have a strong connection with the earth, giving hope, optimism, and joy and assisting in meditation. It is a stone of renewal. It helps you get off old habits and patterns to caress a change in life. It helps calm anger and controls the blood pressure of the bearer. It can support you emotionally and help you get out of an unhealthy relationship.

Green Aventurine birthstone for Virgo
Source: Pinterest

9. What birthstone for Libra?

Libra zodiac signs astrological birthstonesSource: StyleCaster

Also known as Tula Rashi (Hindi) or Scales (Libra), libra is the zodiac sign for people born between 23rd September and 23rd October. Their ruling planet is Venus, and the element is Air. The symbol signifies their strive for balance and equilibrium in everything. Librans are known to be clever, practical, social and diplomatic. They are concerned with the thought of attaining peace, tranquility, justice and harmony. Below are four stones which can be the ultimate birthstones for a Libran-


Opal is hydrated amorphous silica, and it makes an excellent birthstone for Libran men. It is the stone of love and channels their planet Venus’ love, amplifying characteristics of perseverance, liveliness and importance. It helps Librans lead a superior life with unity, hope and inspiration. It helps in digestion and energizes the sacral.

Astrological Opal birthstone of Libra
Source: Pinterest

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic rock known for its bright blue color. This stone brings out the best in the zodiac sign in critical situations. It also helps in pursuing peace and seeking equilibrium and makes an ideal birthstone for the striving Librans. It helps to tap into our intuitions and instincts to conclude and decide.

Lapis Lazuli astrological birthstone for LibraSource: Pinterest


They are also known as Dream Stone, a boron silicate that occurs in numerous colors and is the fortunate birthstone for Libran women. Tourmaline brings Librans peace and protection. It is known to release stress and anxiety and overcome hesitation and uncertainty. It helps adjust sensibilities and nurture a creative mind to help achieve more and be successful.

Tourmaline birthstone ring for LibraSource: Pinterest


This precious gem is corundum and is extensively used in fine bridal jewelry. Sapphire makes a perfect birthstone for Librans as it is known to hold a boundless amount of energy which helps overcome laziness and inactiveness. It introduces qualities of honesty, loyalty, discipline and sobriety. It is said to have links to prosperity in career and health of the bearer.

Sapphire birthstone for Libra zodiac signSource: Escola

10. What birthstone for Scorpio?

Scorpio sign birthstone Source: StyleCaster

Scorpio, also known as Scorpion (Latin) and Vrishak Rashi (Hindi), is the zodiac sign for people with their birthdates from 24th October to 22nd November. The Scorpio symbolizes the ability to be calm and wait for the best opportunity to strike the deal. Scorpios are complicated, feisty and very passionate and driven. Water is the element, and Mars is the ruling planet of Scorpio. Four such stones to provide diverse advantages are-


It is a silicate gemstone in its natural state and is colorless, but the impurities give it its color and hues. Topaz, the zodiac gemstone for Scorpio men, helps develop their personality and character. It implants attraction into the wearer’s persona. It even keeps the fierce nature of Scorpio in control, assisting in calmer and gentle conversations. It makes the person thoughtful and sensible.

Blue topaz birthstone ring - Scorpio signSource: Pinterest


This volcanic glass mineral is a grounding stone. Obsidian can relieve grief, sadness and traumas. This stone is a powerful protection stone for Scorpios keeping them grounded and away from possible dangers and negativities. It is known to improve the circulation of blood.

Obsidian crystal - birthstone for Scorpio
Source: Pinterest


A citrine birthstone is a yellow quartz crystal and the lucky stone for the Scorpio women. It is related to values of loyalty, hope and cheerfulness. It is known to reflect away from any negative energy and clear away any fears that the astrological trait might hold.

Citrine birthstone for Scorpio signSource: Pinterest


As we’ve mentioned prior, Aquamarine is the variety of Beryl, also known as the stone of courage and protection. This gem is known to have light energy, which compliments the element of Scorpio. It brings positive energies, good vibes, and calmness. This gorgeous gem is a birthstone to many zodiacs for its positive characteristics.

Aquamarine for Scorpio birthstone
Source: Pinterest

11. What birthstone for Sagittarius?

Astrological birthstone for Sagittarius Source: StyleCaster

This zodiac with a centaur shooting a bow and arrow is for individuals with birthdates between 23rd November and 20th December. Jupiter being their ruling planet and fire as their element, Sagittarians are risk-takers and adventurers. They are very passionate, charming & spread good energy. Also known as Archer (Latin) and Dhanu Rashi (Hindi), the centaur’s intelligence is known to create the bridge between heaven and Earth. Their fortunate gemstones are as follows-

Blue Topaz

This beautiful stone is for Sagittarian ladies, made from Aluminum Silicate and Fluorine. Blue topaz is known to have soothing effects, worn near the throat as a necklace. It helps in providing inner peace and mental stability. Physically it also balances the Thyroid gland. For Sagittarians, it is a stone of affection, wisdom and spirituality. Blue topaz counteracts thoughts and emotions for a peaceful life.

Sagittarius birthstone - Blue topaz necklaceSource: Pinterest


Turquoise is an opaque gem found in blue and green colors, composed of aluminum phosphates. Turquoise is calming and healing stone for Sagittarians. This birthstone gem is more enhancing for Sagittarian males, and the bearer develops a deeper connection to the spiritual side and keeps them away from mental illnesses.

Sagittarius birthstone Turquoise necklace Source: TheAdobeFineArt


This purple gem is said to have incredible calming effects and is known to awaken people to understand the world better. Sagittarians being frantic and anxious, this gemstone will help find peace and tranquility. Amethyst also reduces the self-doubts and insecurities of its bearer.

Amethyst birthstone ring for Sagittarius Source: Pinterest


Beryl is the talisman stone for Sagittarius, which comprise silicates. Some of the well-known beryl varieties are Emeralds and Aquamarines. This stone keeps the Sagittarians joyous and high spirited. It brings sincerity and solace and keeps evil spirits away.

Beryl gem necklace as a Sagittarius birthstoneSource: Pinterest

12. What birthstone for Capricorn?

Zodiac birthstone for Capricorn signSource: StyleCaster

People born between 21st December to 19th January fall under the Capricorn zodiac, also called Makar Rashi (Hindi) and Goat horned (Latin). Earth being their element and Saturn as the ruling planet, the zodiac sign illustrates the sea-goat with the potential to navigate the world emotionally and materialistically. Capricorns are very determined and hardworking, well organized and practical. Four gemstones to enhance these qualities would be-


This blood-red gemstone is made of corundum minerals, where chromium gives its color. The bright red color is said to resemble blood, which is essential for life. This striking gem is known to ward off anguish and anxieties. It makes an ideal gemstone for Capricorn with calming abilities, keeping away from dangers, nourishing love and health.

Ruby earring for Capricorn

Click on image to view product details


This stunning stone is appropriate for Capricorn women. It is used extensively in jewelry since it can be pretty versatile, with many color variants. Garnets are fabulous jewels for Capricorns as it significantly boosts the bearers’ confidence, develops personality, and destroy any negative energy and insecurities. It brings good fortune and helps tap into the inner soul.

Garnet birthstone for CapricornSource: Pinterest

Black Tourmaline

This gemstone contains a mixture of minerals with a very complex composition. Well known for its pitch-dark black color, it acts as a shield from negativities and bad energy. An excellent stone for Capricorns as they are quite ambitious, this stone aids in protecting them, providing stability and spreading positive vibes.

Capricorn birthstone - Black Tourmaline crystalSource: Pinterest


A common mineral made of quartz crystals. Agate makes a great stone to enhance the capabilities of Capricorns. Agate has healing properties and is very versatile. It helps find balance and equilibrium in life of a goat horned sign.

Agate birthstone jewelry for CapricornSource: Pinterest


Over the years, the suggestions for the birthstone for zodiacs have been changed by various sources. Each gemstone can work on multiple aspects of the astrological stars and significantly impact an individual. Similarly, wearing the wrong birthstone can also cause as much harm to the wearer. So be sure to get your sign reevaluated based on the exact time of your birth and absorb all the positive energies of the universe. 


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