The Designer and that one Bride

the bride

“Hello Anu! My name is Azhina. I want to design something dangerously different with you. I am not having a typical Indian wedding. My fiance is not Indian. We are going to have the traditional pre-wedding festivities, followed by two wedding ceremonies and a reception.. I want a different outfit for each event!”

Wait a minute. Before we jump into that message from the bride. Who is this bride and how did she find out about bAnu Designs?

From reading the first few lines of the message, Anu knew immediately that Azhina is clearly not your typical bride. What bride says “wedding” and “dangerous” in the same message. Well, clearly Azhina does.

The curiosity of this bride inspired Anu. So, without hesitation Anu called Azhina.

As the conversation continued. Anu’s intuition was right about this bride! She is “different”.  From vision to intricacies of her wedding design. This bride was unlike any other bride she has worked with.

Then, Azhina says. “I got a second chance at life.”

At this point, Anu has a million questions but is hesitant. How does someone you just met, ask such a personal question. Clearly, a “what does that means” is a quick response to react with but… how?

As Anu takes a deep breath in.

She goes for it and asks, “Azhina, what does that mean?”

TO BE CONTINUED 03/08/2018

Stay tuned for the second half of this post.

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