The Designer and that one Bride


the designer

“I want to design something dangerously different with you”

Let’s rewind time 15 years. You’ll see an executive at Charles Schwab sitting at her desk, looking out her office window seeing a mere reflection of herself looking back. There she sits in her pencil skirt, royal blue blouse and pointed toe heels.  Yes, she is utterly successful and an empowering female leader in her profession. Yet, there was something missing despite landing such a prestigious role in a Fortune 500 company.  Her true, deep underlying passion was living and bubbling inside of her.  Sure, the astounding quarterly deals, projects, and partnerships were satisfying.  Yet her creativity and attention to detail were underutilized in the corporate setting.  Absorbing all these thoughts, she stands up from her desk, looks back towards her reflection, turns to the side and walks away. She walks towards her passion.

Patterns, fabrics and textures are subjective. They can be put together in the same old  “run of the mill” ways that can be satisfying but uninspiring…until you meet someone who knows what to do with them and bring out something new, different, unique and deeply satisfying.

an experienced executive turned inspired designer

Today, Anu Batra, owner of bAnuDesigns, former successful executive, is flourishing with her clothing line.  Using her experience managing various projects, this fashion designer is executing at different level... and she’s doing it fast! Her approach to take on her very own South Asian contemporary couture line is uniquely different from the…well, you know, the “run of the mill”.

Anu has adopted using specific project management tactics and catered them towards fashion to deliver a unique and successful design and fulfillment experience to her clients.  She continues to grow her business and vision while using cutting edge technology and tools to organize and schedule designs with her various clientele.

the bride

“Hello Anu! My name is Azhina. I want to design something dangerously different with you. I am not having a typical Indian wedding. My fiance is…”

TO BE CONTINUED 02/18/2018

Stay tuned for the second half of this post.


  • Posted by Rimmy on

    It is SO inspiring to see a successful woman leave corporate America behind and pursue her passion…right ON, Anu! You have an incredible vision and that “something special” personality and it’s exciting to watch you share it!

  • Posted by Ingrid on

    Felicidades Anu, Love this blog

  • Posted by Vina on

    Dear Anu. I love wearing your clothes and I see the passion and dedication that you have towards your creations. I wish you continuous success and here’s a loud cheer to a fantastic 2018.

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