Top 8 Hottest Bridal Trends From Indian Fashion Week - FDCI 2022 Edition

Top 8 Hottest Bridal Trends From Indian Fashion Week - FDCI 2022 Edition

When couture meets bridalwear, it's bound to be one of art's finest creations. A bridal entourage's guaranteed bridal dream! 

Each year, we anticipate the fashion week because it allows us to set the bars for extravaganza & elegance in the upcoming bridal trends. Indian Brides around the globe approach various couture designers to cater to their ideal bridal outfits, reflecting their personal sentimental touch while staying in the loop with the current trends. The regulations for having a limited guestlist have fallen by the wayside as things have returned to normal in the last two years. Brides & grooms have taken full advantage of this scenario and have been inclined back to the big fat Indian weddings!

Post covid weddings - 2022
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Be it hometown bridalwear or a  destination wedding fashion, by the looks of it, go big, or home has become the unstated slogan. The Pinterest-inspired bridal pins have been back on the rise not just for the soon-to-be-wed but also for the bridesmaids, best man & other wedding guests.

A carefree contemporary appearance has been cited as the upcoming fashion trend for 2022. Traditional reds were being replaced with pastel shades last year, only for it to row away to experimental color palettes further. This year's modern bridal color chart has seen striking shades of ivory, mustard, bronze & blue: blingy 3D embellishment, crystals, bustier cuts, interchangeable ensembles & intricate storytelling. A bride's wardrobe is only going to be much more elaborate than ever before!

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Current Fashion Trends 2022

The characteristics that distinguish this year's brides' wedding and bridesmaid dresses have a modern spin on the conventional design. The element of a detachable ballroom skirt in the day turn into an exception fishtail reception gown by night. There's plenty to catch up on this year. Keep reading to know the latest wedding dress trends.

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1. Contemporary Veils

Veils have always been a vital element of the western bridal dress, but this year’s bridal lenghas and gowns have taken the fashion week by a storm. The essence of the sheer dupattas has undergone a new metamorphosis as a veil in the fashion world. The magnificent border & minimal crystal work on the veil dupatta are sure to make any bride feel like a princess.

    Veil dupatta - Indian bridal fashion 2022Click on image to view product details

    Mustard veil dupatta for Indian brides in USAClick on image to view product details

    Blue lehenga choli w/ veil - modern indian bridesClick on image to view product details

    2. Classic Train back

    The word "train back lenghas" is a synonym for royalty. The train skirts add much-needed drama to the fantasies of a big-fat-Indian wedding. Brides of the west have adored train-back gowns & their profound love for them has now seeped into the Indian bridal fashion. Few of the top Indian designers have sworn by the intricate bridal embroidered train back lehenga this year. If you are a bride and plan to add a dramatic touch to your wedding dress, this should be it!

    Manpreet Toor in train back lehengaClick on image to view product details

    Gowns w/ train-back by Manish Malhotra 2022Source: manishmalhotra

    3. Ivory color play

    The official 2022 bridal color of the year has been sighted to be ivory. Many famous people and fashion designers have chosen chic ivory ethnic clothing. The most admirable aspect of this neutral shade is how well it highlights the elegance of embroidery and ornamentation. It is one of the most attractive tones and enhances all complexions, bringing forth your inherent beauty. 

    Ivory Floral lehenga is the color for bridal fashion 2021Click on image to view product details

    Ivory sherwani - bridal fashion 2021Click on image to view product details

    4. Opulence of Double Dupatta

    Double dupattas have been in the fashion game for the past few years, and it’s here to stay. The luxurious embroidered borders add vertical integrity to your silhouette, making you look leaner. Various celebrities have also opted for this look, adding a touch of opulence. Few chose to drape the dupatta in modern ways, whereas the others continue to wear it traditionally over their heads.

    Double dupatta for weddings this 2022

    Double dupatta - South Asian bridal fashion trend

    5. Jackets over Saree

    Jackets have been one of the favorite ways to jazz up any western outfit. Then why not the same for our beloved ethnic ensembles? The year 2022 brings gorgeous ethnic jackets sported over sarees. This latest bridal trend has been adored by brides, who even prefer it to the lengha. This will be the most modern method to stay warm if your wedding is scheduled for the fall. 

    Saree jackets - a 2022 fashion trendSource: shoplance

    ethnic wear jacket - fashion 2022Click on image to view product details

    6. Modern cuts

    Brides have elevated their style game this year with various patterns and embellishments. This year truly embodies the phrase "modern meets traditional. The upper bodice saw many cut patterns play on with silhouettes such as bustier and corset blouses. The best part about these blouses is that they could be paired with a saree, lehenga or sharara to give them the ideal amount of modern flair.

    Corset blouse for bridal fashion 2022Click on image to view product details

    Bustier blouse for the bridesmaids of 2022Click on image to view product details

    Corset lengha is the trendsetter this yearClick on image to view product details

    7. Elegant Cape Sleeve

    Cape sleeves have made a comeback this season making the brides feel no less than an angel. These sleeves can add the extra glam in the most sophisticated manner to a bridal ensemble. If you are one of the brides who believes that sleeves can be a game changer then the cape sleeve is to die for this season. 

    Cape sleeve lengha - FDCI 2022 trendClick on image to view product details

    Cape sleeves have been sighted as a bridal trend at FDCI 2022Click on image to view product details

    8. Detachable Chic Skirt

    If you are one of those brides who loves a good bridal hack then this trick should be a game changer. The shenanigans' of changing from your wedding day outfit to the reception dress can be quite tedious. But nothing feels more convenient than to be able to switching your extravagant wedding lehenga to a sleek reception gown. 

    Wedding hack 2022 - Detachable skirtSource: alibaba

    Detachable skirt lengha - FDCI Fashion Week 2022Source: wedmegood


    Why delay when you are already aware of all of our recommendations? This season, don your favourite outfit for Indian weddings right away! These were the most famous bridal fashions for 2021. Sincerely, we adore what is to come and can't wait to watch our brides try it out. Which one was your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments section.

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